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Length: Novel

Ben Larsen spends his days as a lawyer and Alex Davis spends his as a pediatric nurse, but a rock concert brings the two of them together. Ben is attracted to Alex right away and a drink after the concert changes the path of their lives. Ben is successful and confident, with an incredible loving and supportive family, where Alex is quiet and unsure due to growing up with homophobic and abusive parents.

Alex has never allowed himself a real relationship and he’s hesitant and scared to start one with Ben. Alex doesn’t count on falling for Ben so hard and so fast, but Alex has been rejected his entire life by the people that were supposed to love him the most and it will take patience from Ben to prove to Alex that he deserves to be happy and loved.

The Beach House is a perfect book for Judge a Book By Its Cover Week and really any week. This book was released last year and I have seen the cover several times. It always makes me stop as the color tone draws me in first. The photo reminds me of a candid, intimate shot and when I see it, I want to know their story. The cover pulls together how the men meet and also the love they have for each other and after reading the book, you will get to know the story to go with the photograph. The book is told in third person, which is not always my favorite, but this was well done and tightly written and the book had a dreamy, movie-like feel to it.

The story moves through the men meeting, going on their first date, and then just naturally wanting to spend all of their time together. Alex is unsure of everything and while he lets Ben knows that his parents have disapproved of him since they learned he was gay, it takes a little while for Alex to tell Ben the full story of what happened. Alex’s parents are horrible, cruel, and abusive, yet Alex still wants their approval and hasn’t yet cut them out of his life, which you will want him to do. In contrast, Ben’s mother and grandmother exude love and acceptance and family and the beach house they live in is the perfect retreat.

The tension in the book comes from Alex’s hesitation in being in a relationship and he’s been conditioned to think it’s wrong. Yet, Ben loves Alex unconditionally and their love story is sweet and comforting as they build a life together. The Beach House is just the first book in this series and the books will follow Ben and Alex through their relationship. I am already looking forward to the next book and, while I would recommend gazing at the cover, I would also recommend staying for the love story.

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