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Length: Novel

Kyle doesn’t think there is anything special about himself. He just turned forty, he works as a construction manager, and he has just started college as he always wanted a degree. When Kyle collides with Lucas, in the painful, physical sense, he is awe struck by the younger man, but knows Lucas is way out of his league.

Lucas is used to men being attracted to his looks. As a porn star, he gets recognized, but most men want to be with his alter ego, Tommy Bruiser, and have no interest in getting to know Lucas. When Kyle doesn’t recognize him, Lucas thinks he has a chance with the handsome, older man, but when Kyle learns what Lucas does for a living, their relationship is over before it even has a chance to start. But Lucas isn’t giving up quite that easily and when the men meet again, Lucas is determined to show Kyle that his porn career is just a job. Kyle has so many hesitations, but being with Lucas is amazing and opens up a whole new world for him, both sexually, as well as how he sees his future. But being a porn star is still who Lucas is and if Kyle can’t make peace with that, the men will have no future together.

This book starts with an introduction from Kyle that breaks the fourth wall. After reading this introduction, I closed the book, as it put me completely off wanting to continue and, had I not committed to a review, I most likely would not have picked it back up again. Kyle goes on to talk about all the things that the book isn’t, and from my perspective, pokes fun at a lot of tropes in the genre and came off in poor taste. Kyle says, “I am not straight. I didn’t start college thinking I was straight, meet a hot roommate and discover I’m into dicks, nor did I seduce my straight roommate…. There’s nothing wrong with those stories. They’re just not ours…. So, I didn’t put off college because an ultra-conservative, homophobic mother disowned me and neither was I cut off by a wealthy father.” He then goes on to talk about how he is a construction manager and talks about some tropes surrounding “blue collar gay men,” but then claims his co-workers are okay with him being gay and he “won’t be raped, outted, discriminated against, extorted, blackmailed or otherwise emotionally damaged in this story and neither will the other man.” He talks about what the sex won’t be like in the book and continues to pull out what he thinks are common themes in gay romance. I felt that this entire exchange was patronizing to the very readers picking up this book and I was made to feel defensive before I started.

After I moved on from there, I did like the book. Kyle is fine with his life. He has a good job, and friends and family, but his relationships have always lacked that spark. Lucas is a whirlwind in his life, but Kyle has a difficult time between the age difference and Lucas’ career as a porn star. The chemistry and attraction between the men is intense and they decide to casually date. That escalates quickly as the men can’t get enough of each other. Their bedroom dynamics are heated as Lucas wants Kyle to let go and wants to show him that their intimate time together can be fun and they play with daddy dynamics. Kyle is not as easy going in the bedroom and while he has hesitations, he is willing to follow Lucas almost anywhere.

The interactions between the men are really great. As confident as Lucas is in his career, he has an insecure side and vulnerability that stems from being adopted. The men have issues to work through, but they talk to each other and come out so much stronger together. I didn’t care for Kyle’s best friend and the selfish pressure she put on him and, for all the tropes poked fun at, this one remained.

Without the introduction, this would have been a better read for me, but that introduction did cast a long shadow over the experience. It may not bother all readers and then this would be a good book to read featuring characters with intense chemistry and, although they have core differences, they fall into a romantic relationship where they are better together.

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