Hi gang! So I am back from GayRomLit in Albuquerque and am (very) slowly adapting to real life again. As always, GRL was a wonderful experience filled with a chance to see good friends and meet new ones. It is amazing what a bond can form between a mostly online community, and when we get back together in person, it never seems like a year has gone by since we last met!

I had a very busy GRL this year with lots of official duties, but I still had plenty of time to hang out with some amazing friends. I posted lots of pictures and recaps on FB and other social media while I was gone, but if you missed any, here are links to all my posts (somehow my Sat/Sunday recap never made it onto FB, but it was mostly signing, napping, and costume party Saturday, and crying and going home on Sunday!) I have tons of pictures, especially of the costume party and the signing, but I am also throwing in a few of my favorites here.

P.S. I am not 100% sure if you can view these without signing into Facebook, but you can also find them at my profile at Jay H. Jay


Dressed in purple for LGBT anti-bullying day with Lindsay Woolsey, Leigh Logan, Kirt Graves, and Amy DiMartino


Staffing my table at the author/blogger lounge (that is Kirt Graves hanging with me in the background)


Wonderful dinner on Friday night with friends!


Many many laughs with friends on Friday night in the lobby (including an upside down Greg Tremblay and Jordan L. Hawk on the far right)


At the signing with author Gregory Ashe


Finally got a picture with the handsome Charlie David (narrator and producer of the upcoming documentary episode on GRL)


Costume party! We went as characters from Lord of the Rings (Lindsay Woolsey, Dave Woolsey, Kyle Christian, Leigh Logan and me)

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