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Length: Novel

Wesley loves his life in Pineapple Grove. His bed and breakfast is always fully booked, and his staff and some of the small business owners in the area have become not only his friends, but his family. His business is also his home and Wesley is proud of what he has accomplished. Running a small business takes up all of his time and if Wesley barely gets a day off and has no time to date, he feels he’ll get to it someday. But now, he has a new issue with wealthy businessman, Nathan Randall, attempting to buy Wesley’s property to put up a luxury hotel and Nathan refuses to take no for an answer.

Nathan grew up with nothing, with a father that didn’t care that he had nothing. Nathan has become a successful and wealthy businessman, but it’s never enough and putting this new hotel up in Pineapple Grove is the last piece he needs to show everyone how far he has come. If only Wesley would sell him his property.

Each time the men are near each other, the animosity increases, but each time they are near each other the heat increases as well. The men have publicly become enemies in the face of business, but when it’s just the two of them, the sparks are impossible to ignore. One night has the men giving in to the temptation and fire they can’t put out. But they are still on opposite sides in business and if they want to be together, someone will have to rethink their dream.

I have read a lot of books by this writing team and All for Wesley was light and enjoyable. Here we have Wesley and Nathan with a distinct enemies vibe as Nathan puts extreme pressure on Wesley to sell him his property, as well as trying to poach Wesley’s star employees. Nathan will compensate Wesley more than fairly of course, but Wesley doesn’t want to sell and he’s under a lot of stress because Nathan won’t back off.

Nathan has a lot to prove to himself and he wants to show everyone around him what a success he has made of himself. He’s convinced he can’t do this fully unless he builds his new hotel exactly where Wesley’s bed and breakfast is and he thinks if he throws enough money at Wesley, he will eventually give in. But Nathan has met his match.

Despite the animosity the men feel toward each other involving business, they can’t help but notice how attractive the other is, but they can’t go there. Well, they tell themselves that anyway. After months of battling against each other regarding business and the chemistry that wafts off of them each time they are together, the men finally give in one night. But one night will never be enough.

The book has an expected feel of the wealthy businessman with a past trying to continually prove himself and the proud, small businessman that is happy with life as it is. Many of the scenes between the men take place in the bedroom and they had all kinds of great chemistry together, but by the end, I also would have liked to see a little more balance with scenes of them outside of the bedroom. I knew exactly how this book was going to play out and exactly how it was going to end, but I was enjoying watching the men interact with each other with all different kinds of passion in each scene.

All for Wesley is the second book in the Pineapple Grove series and, while there are appearances of other characters, this book could be read on its own. We just got this one, yet there are more characters with more stories to be told, and I am all ready to return to Pineapple Grove for the next installment.


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