Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel

As a cop, Craig Bailey’s life is one of order. He follows the rules, and the law, and he lives a fairly quiet and routine life. That all turns upside down when he lays eyes on Henri Boudreaux and all Bailey wants is more time with Henri.

Bailey never knew he could want someone like Henri. While Henri is breathtakingly gorgeous, he is also mysterious with a rap sheet attached to him. Bailey knows he should look the other direction, but everything in him points towards Henri. Henri is also nothing like Bailey thought he would be, as he has a sweet and vulnerable side as well. Bailey and Henri are looking for a place where they belong and they may have just found it with each other.

Henri was one of those characters that intrigued me the moment we first learned about him during the course of the Confessions series. Bailey is the continuation of Henri and Bailey’s story from the previous book, and also draws from the larger overall series and this book would be enjoyed most by having all of the background information.

Henri and Bailey are opposites at first glance. Their upbringings were completely different and their paths in life have been completely different, and while Bailey follows the law, Henri has not always been on the same side of the law. That does not stop the sparks and intense heat between these two men.

The chemistry between Henri and Bailey is certainly a highlight of this book. Ella Frank has a way with lingering glances and intense, explosive need and Henri and Bailey are extremely hot together. The men actually do other things in this book, but I would have been okay if they had stayed in bed together even more than they did as there were several interruptions. The main interruption being Bailey finding out about Henri’s past and then Bailey deciding what he can live with, even though everything in him calls out to Henri.

Henri’s storyline was a little less intense here than I expected it to be and even though the men had things to work out, it was a lot easier than I anticipated. The declarations came quickly, even before Bailey knew all he needed to know about Henri, and there were areas that were a little rushed for me. There were also other storylines going on with Bailey’s brother, Sean, and it looks as if he was being set up for his own book.

I do love the world that Ella Frank has created here and it’s always effortless to lose yourself in stories of her men. If you have followed this series, it then would be an effortless choice to see how Henri and Bailey figure it all out and I certainly would be more than fine if there was more in this series in the future.

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