Rating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Novel

Guthrie Gale is a human-interest reporter and he likes his job. Guthrie’s father is a famous storm chaser, but after a bad experience, Guthrie wants nothing to do with severe weather, or his father. When his boss insists he fill in as a storm chaser, and then pairs him with rookie, Luke Masters, Guthrie is filled with a sense of dread.

After growing up in foster care, Luke wants to be part of a family. He was promised he could find one at the station and made the move to Oklahoma to chase storms. Being paired with Guthrie is less than welcoming, but Luke doesn’t know the reason behind Guthrie’s anxiety.

Luke and Guthrie have a spark, however, and one that the internet notices soon as well. As tornado season approaches, their working relationship turns personal. But when the weather turns downright dangerous, Guthrie may try to outrun his fears, leaving Luke far behind.

I have a read other books by Erin McLellan and was looking forward to this one. The backdrop of storm chasing was another selling point for me to choose this story. However, this book didn’t quite impress me as much and it wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped, both with the storm chasing, as well as the personal relationship.

Guthrie is a bit prickly. His father is a well-known storm chaser, but Guthrie really wants nothing to do with it. When he is ordered to partner up with a rookie and go chase storms, Guthrie doesn’t tell anyone where his fears come from. Luke is new on the scene and trying to finally put down some roots for himself. While he thinks Guthrie is attractive, Luke can’t seem to get past Guthrie’s prickly exterior. But, on camera, the two are magic and it’s not long before they have a small fan club.

The book then takes the men through going out and chasing storms and reporting back. They talk some about their families and they talk even more about directions, which did not make for overly scintillating conversation. While we do learn a lot about each man, none of it really engaged me. Everything felt at a distance and there wasn’t a lot of depth to the personal relationship. It takes the men a while to get together and then they put the brakes on anything further until after storm season is over. They find each other attractive, but there was something missing that had me not feeling it so much with these guys as a couple. The secondary characters all read as two dimensional and there were times they were talking and it seemed like a voice with no person behind it, since they weren’t well developed.

This book didn’t hit it all for me and both the storm chasing aspect and the relationship let me down. There was little excitement, even as the men were in bad weather at times, and the personal side felt flat for the most part. I would still try something else from this author, but this one wasn’t what I was expecting based on previous experience with her work.

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