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Noah is a veterinarian just sort of making his way through life. He had been involved in BDSM until something he saw in a club caused him to re-evaluate the way he was living. After a year or so, he sees a flyer for a BDSM club called Hell’s Door and his life changes. Noah is offered a contract…six months, anonymous, no strings…and perhaps most importantly, he will be the boy of a man who wants to be a Daddy for the night. Everything works out so well, the six-month contract turns into two years.

Bane is at the top of a criminal empire. He rules Lormount City with an iron fist. Ruthless and cruel, Bane is sometimes referred to as “The Blood King of Lormount City.” His past is ugly and painful, and he has done plenty of things he’d rather not think about for her (and that’s all I’m going to give you about that). Desperate for some kind of connection, Bane offers a contract at Hell’s Door, looking for a boy he could be a Daddy to just for a night.

Two years is a very long time, and Noah finds himself falling deeper and deeper for his Daddy with every time they’re together. Their road to what they consider to be the perfect Daddy/boy HEA is long, violent, and full of pain and obsession. To be together, Noah is going to have to come to terms with the world he’ll be entering if he’s to be with Bane, and he’ll have to help Bane to realize he’s not just Daddy, and that Noah sees Bane as well.

Ok. I’ve been thinking very hard about the kind of review I want to write for Noah’s Bane. I have two very distinct feelings about the book, so I’ve decide to do it in a two-pronged way. First, I just want to say I am a big fan of Daddy/boy stories, and while the blurb for this book made it clear it was just that, it also gave me a sense of…almost danger. I knew it would be darker than I usually read, but I was curious, so I grabbed it up.

Now, here’s part one of my review. I think Noah’s Bane is beautifully written. Sometimes, it’s downright poetic. The descriptions are rich and powerful. For instance:

“You made me so proud tonight, beautiful Noah.” Teeth nipped gently at the skin of Noah’s left shoulder making him shake in his bindings. Coarse beard bristles pricked and stung as they scraped Noah’s flesh. His body was coated in perspiration, the scent of their musk mixing heavily thorough the air.

This is on page two of the story. Page two. The author is able to create a feeling in just a few words. I can see, hear, even smell what’s happening in that room. This continues throughout the book, and with the exception of some confusing moments and a few scenes with too much description, Noah and Bane come to life. In fact, the whole city comes to life. It brought to my mind images of some futuristic movies…The Watchmen, The Dark Knight, and even the television show Daredevil . 

This writing style is compelling, and it held me in its grip. There were times when I was uncomfortable with the subject matter (more on that later). Still, I pressed on, and I give the author credit for being able to bring such vibrance to such an ugly place.

Ok. Here’s part two. There is a lot of heavy BDSM, as well as a lot of violence in Noah’s Bane. Now, the two are separate. I’m not declaring that BDSM is, in itself, violent. On the BDSM side, there is blindfolding, bondage, biting, bruising, choking, and suspension. The sheer amount just overwhelmed me. I knew I’d be getting more than my usual reading, but it was a bit of sensory overload for me. I mentioned I love Daddy/boy stories, but I’m more about the spoiling and the care aspect. Don’t get me wrong, there is care (as there always is with a good Dom). Bane has such strong feelings for Noah, he wants to make sure Noah is getting everything he needs.

Now, as well as being overwhelmed by the amount of BDSM, I found myself cringing over the amount of violence. With a character like Bane, I expected there would be a good bit, but wow! The scenes, coupled with the author’s gift for description, are pretty intense. Here’s an example (BTW…Noah is tied to a chair):

“Smooth, sweat-soaked, and caramel-tanned skin shone under the light, all fucking frightening and rippling with muscle, contracted and bulged before it released, lightning fast as Daddy’s large fist connected with a man’s jaw.

The body, with its hands above its head, shackles attached to chains hanging from the ceiling, swung at the impact. Blood gushed, along with a bone crunching cry of agony tearing from the man’s throat.”

A few paragraphs later:

“Daddy cracked his neck left and right and grabbed the man by the throat and began to squeeze. The man choked and gurgled, sounds spilling from his mouth that might have been him begging for his life, but…Daddy’s fingers turned white at the pressure points, and Noah knew by the way the veins jutted in his thick forearms, Daddy wasn’t choking the man. He was crushing the man’s–Noah closed his eyes and tilted his head away but couldn’t stop the sound of bones cracking and breaking as the man’s life was brought to an end.”

These are only two examples of the graphic violence that takes place in Noah’s Bane. While, I was extremely uncomfortable reading this book, I’m not telling people to run away screaming. Yes, it’s very dark, and yes, there is a lot of intense BDSM practice, as well as a lot of violence, but just because it may not be for me, I know lots of readers really enjoy this sort of story.

The end of the book wrapped up as neatly as a story like this can. Noah and Bane do get their HEA, although (and I don’t feel like I’m giving anything away by mentioning this) Bane does not change. He didn’t go straight for love. Noah accepts his Daddy as is and doesn’t leave because Daddy’s a bad guy. This is the first in a new series, and I was able to see where other installments can come from.

Noah’s Bane may not be my particular cup of tea, but I feel the writing is so solid and powerful. I have no problem recommending it for fans of intense darkness, heavy BDSM, and MCs who aren’t saints.

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