Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Holden is a young coyote shifter, but he’s ready to settle down. When Detective Seth Grant walks into the tattoo parlor where Holden works, the wolf shifter immediately catches Holden’s interest. They exchange numbers and start texting, and Holden is completely smitten.

But before anything can happen, Holden’s twin sister becomes ill and no one will believe either of them that she didn’t take any kind of drug. Except Seth, who immediately jumps to action and investigates. As Holden and Seth work together, their attraction grows, and a date quickly turns into more. These two men have found each other at exactly the right time.

I have to admit, the blurb for this one makes it sound a bit more dramatic than the book actually is. That wouldn’t have been a bad thing, necessarily, as I’m fine with low drama and little angst in my stories. Where my problem lies is that this book barely scratches the surface of these characters and the plot. Everything happens really fast without much depth.

I really enjoyed Holden as a character. He cute, funny, loyal to his sister, and just an all around sweetheart with a great sense of humor. He was super likeable, and I was glad to see him as the narrator of the story. He definitely reads older than his 21 years, which doesn’t bother me, and I liked the instant connection he had with Seth.

Seth too, was likeable. He’s got a strong moral code and he’s smitten with the young man. When Holden calls because his sister is in trouble, Seth is immediately on the case. Not only is he a vice detective, but he cares for both the twins and wants to do whatever he can to help them. It’s easy to see he would help anyone in need, but there’s an extra bonus of knowing them and liking them.

The chemistry between the MCs was nice, if undeveloped, and I liked that it ended with a strong HEA, considering how little we got to see. If they had made love declarations, I would have found it far less believable. Nothing too dramatic in the heat department, but nice all the same.

The style of writing didn’t work very well for me though. As I mentioned above, we barely scratched the surface and I would have liked to see so much more. I’m not even necessarily talking about word count, though this book is on the shorter side. Instead, we got action after action, jumping from one thing to the next without a lot of build up between. The characters, while great for what we saw, read as two dimensional. I felt there was a lot of wasted potential with this book, especially when the mystery was solved far too easily and without more than a few paragraphs explanation.

So what I liked, I adored, but the lack of depth and the style of the narrative really brought down my enjoyment of this book. And I was highly disappointed that, as a book about shifters, we only saw the MCs shift once, and for only a few paragraphs. This is one of my major pet peeves, and it definitely counted against the book. If you’re looking for a quick read without much going on, then this one might be worth a look, but don’t expect too much.

As an added bonus, there’s a short story at the end of this book, Paw Prints on my Skin. Let me start by saying that the prologue to Paw Prints on My Heart is a conversation between Holden’s twin sister and Zach, one of the tattoo artists. The prologue includes Zach talking about asking his boyfriend to move in with him. In the short story included at the end, we get to see how Zach and Tobias first meet and take their first steps in their relationship. The style is much the same, all surface without a lot of depth, but having seen Zach as a prominent secondary character throughout the novella, it was nice to see him get his beginning with a cute Labrador shifter, Tobias. There’s not much to say without giving it all away, but it was a nice bonus to see, like an extra scene.

Joyfully Jay