Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Clyde is thrilled to get partnered with fellow police officer, Bradley. Clyde has been crushing on Bradley for a while, so becoming partners will give him a chance to get to know the man better. Their first case is a missing college student and the mystery ends up being more than it first appears.

Along the way, the men get to know each other better and it is clear they both have an interest in one another. When Bradley gets a book from a local sex shop, Clyde thinks it may be just the chance to really find out what his guy is into. But that doesn’t go quite as expected either. Still, despite some setbacks, Clyde and Bradley are able to catch the culprits and find their way to their own happy ending.

Rushing In is part of the Ace’s Wild series, a collection of stand alone books by different authors that all feature the same local sex shop. The stories are only connected in that each couple visits the shop, and the owners are the only recurring characters, so you can read any of the books on their own and in any order. In this case, the store is incorporated in a nice way as the guys visit Ace’s Wild as part of their investigation. But they also end up stirring some things up when Clyde sees Bradley buy a book that sparks some interesting (and crazy) adventures between them.

As with many of Winters’ books, this story combines the romance with an investigative storyline. The missing persons case develops into more, and the men struggle as they know there is a bigger picture they just aren’t quite seeing. I will say that things are pretty low key here in terms of the law enforcement storyline and there really isn’t much suspense or intensity. The investigation felt mostly like a vehicle to get these guys together, and I had trouble feeling really invested in the outcome. There are some nice messages about being true to yourself, but while the men make clear to those involved in the case that they are in danger, I didn’t really feel the urgency here and there is not much suspense.

I enjoyed the personal interaction between the men more than the case. Winters displays her trademark humor in the banter between the men, but in a fairly low-key way (at least by Winters’ usual standards). The guys are fun as they get to know one another, and some entertaining hijinks ensue along the way. Clyde and Bradley are sweet together and I enjoyed their connection. The fact that they are coworkers is never addressed until the end, which seemed a little surprising. And they just sort of go from acquaintances to wildly flirting and making sexual comments to one another, again as coworkers, with no discussion about it. But if you can just go with that, I think the men are an entertaining couple and, for a shorter story, I feel like Winters does a nice job developing their relationship.

I’ll also give a nod to Clyde’s relationship with his dad, who also is a cop. They banter and give each other a hard time throughout the book, so it is some fun interaction. Clearly Clyde’s father loves him, but he also loves to tease him, and I found their relationship sweet and fun.

Rushing In was an entertaining story and I really liked how it ties into the overall Ace’s Wild series.