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Length: Novel

It’s been two years since Ben approached Alex at a rock concert and it’s been two years since Ben has looked at another man, as Alex is the one for him. The men are incredibly happy and Alex has gotten some control over his anxiety and low self-esteem and Alex knows that Ben’s love and support has changed his life.

The men spend as much time as they can at the beach house with Allie and Polly and there is great news to be shared regarding an upcoming event. But there is also devasting news that will change their lives forever and Ben is not handling that well at all and takes it out on Alex.

Just as the men are getting back on track, Ben is shot by a client’s abusive ex-husband and Alex will have to take the lead in making sure Ben, and their relationship, stays strong.

Tides of Love is the second book in the San Capistrano series and picks up right after the first book, The Beach House. It follows the lives of Ben and Alex and the series is designed to be read in order.

This series is a love story set between the pages of real life. Ben and Alex are celebrating being together for two years and they are better together. Good things happen and not so good things happen, but the story never gets overly angsty. Alex and Ben’s relationship takes a slide backwards when they get some family news that Ben does not handle well and, with no outlet for his anger, he strikes out at Alex. Alex had finally gotten his anxiety, that stemmed from his parents, somewhat under control, but he also slides backwards into a dangerous mindset when he feels that he is losing Ben. Ben hides behind his work and doesn’t communicate and he doesn’t realize the damage he is doing to their relationship.

The men also have to deal with Ben getting shot at work. This is in the blurb for the book, so I was prepared for it ahead of time. As some tragedies do, this brings the men closer as Ben and Alex move toward being together forever.

Although the men go through some turbulent times, their story, as the title suggests, rides the tides of real life and real love. Alex still has a whole lot of issues where his parents are concerned and, as the series progresses, this is likely to escalate and there is still upheaval in Ben’s family as they deal with their new reality. I am enjoying this series as we are able to see an up close look at Alex and Ben loving each other and living their lives and I look forward to continuing with their story.

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