Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella

Adam knows he has one opportunity to break through to Grant Alexander and dare the man to take a chance on him. Three years working side by side as Grant’s personal assistant has only sharpened and honed the feelings he has for the successful man and Adam knows that Grant is ready to be pushed. So with a little liquid courage, Adam makes his way into Grant’s office and then into his bed. Now, he must convince the skittish mogul that trusting Adam is a risk worth taking.

A Granted Wish by Lily Michaels is a fast-burning Christmas romance that pairs up a bossy personal assistant with a tortured and hurting boss and lets the sparks fly. With just a hint of a dom/submissive flavor and some scenes of smoldering sexual intimacy, this novella moves at lightning speed with the focus being fully on Grant succumbing to Adam and learning to trust the man with his painful past and his heart. When you throw in a jealous and power hungry co-worker who will stop at nothing to replace Adam with herself, you have a recipe for intrigue and disaster. Sure enough, this story has the fledgling couple on the edge of ending their relationship before it’s really had a good chance to succeed. But fear not, for all good Christmas romances must have a happy ever after and this one does not disappoint.

I loved how the author put the powerful CEO on his knees to his employee and played with the tried and true trope where the boss becomes the submissive in the relationship. Adam and Grant worked well together and Adam especially won my heart due to his deep desire to care for Grant and help heal the wounds left in him by his hateful father. If one accounts for the three years these two worked side by side and fostered a deep-seated crush for the other, then you really can’t call this an instal-love situation, but trust me when I say the declarations of love come pretty fast, yet they still rang true. Most every moment these two were together had a hint of authenticity to it, making this a love story that was a genuine delight to read.

A Granted Wish is a nice addition to this season’s holiday stories. With romance, sexy times, and a hint of conflict, this story might just ring your bell.