Rating: 3 stars
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Length: Novella

Keenan and Carry have a link and deep down know they are mates. That link extends to the ice, and Keenan and Carry can read each other effortlessly. But Keenan has never been attracted to a man before and isn’t ready to admit it now, or that Carry is his mate. Keenan helping Carry through his heats is natural to both men, but neither wants it to mean more. When Keenan offers to help Carry on a permanent basis, Carry declines and seeks relief elsewhere. Their hockey game is also being affected, as if they let each other in, the feeling is overwhelming. Carry and Keenan have decisions to make about their physical and professional relationship and, while they agree to put some space between them, all roads lead back to each other.

This story is episode three in the Rules to Break series and, while I think the series has a great premise, the execution is not working for me. This installment was largely a transition story as Carry and Keenan work hard to stay away from each other. The know they want one another and their scent drives the other crazy when they are near each other, but Keenan is not ready to admit yet that his mate is male and Carry doesn’t want to be beholden to an alpha at this point in his life.

The world building is still non-existent for me. There are mentions of contraception and pregnancy, but Carry never refers to them with regard to his own life, and none of it is clear. That is the issue I have with this series as a whole — that it is not fully clear what is going on. The writing goes around in circles and I have to really parse through it to figure out what is happening and it’s a rather odd reading experience for me.

Keenan and Carry have also been going round and round on why they cannot be together since the first installment and there is just more of that here and the reason doesn’t feel compelling anymore. There is also not enough here to carry a full series episode for me. The hockey and all the other dynamics take a back seat to this as well. There are four episodes left and, while I would like to see Carry and Keenan ultimately get together, the style of this series has made me not interested in continuing. If you decide to pick this up, you may have a different experience, and it is always great to find a series that works for you. As for me, at this point I will have to break up with the Rules to Break series.