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Length: Novel

Dilly Jones is nerdy, shy, and totally unaware of how handsome he truly is. He works with his doobie-smoking, ancient boss, Puffer, in a record store and lives quietly with his cat who likes long walks and Dilly. Dilly is also a natural born klutz. When yet another spill on the sidewalk outside his apartment sends him flying, little does Dilly know that the man who is about to change his life is watching and aware that he must somehow get Dilly to know how much he wants to meet him.

If Dilly is shy, then Boz Jenkins can only be described as tongue tied and terrified when it comes to meeting and actually talking to the man of his every waking dream—Dilly. Boz lives across the street from Dilly and has worshipped him from afar for quite some time. He has to make a move, so he bravely approaches Dilly at his place of work, only to be unable to string two coherent thoughts together. Thanks goodness Dilly’s boss, Puffer, helps the two men or they might never have gotten further than the one meeting. Now they are carefully dating, which leads to sleeping together, which leads to falling for each other. But a meth addicted and abusive ex-boyfriend has decided he wants Boz back and will stop at nothing to have him—even murder.

Once again, author John Inman has created two incredibly sweet and uniquely quirky characters in his latest release, Dilly and Boz. What begins as a funny and heart-warming romance soon turns into a disturbing and violent stalking when the author introduces Boz’s ex who is clearly fixated on Boz and getting him back. Unfortunately, the guy is also a serial abuser and that is what drove Boz away and something he refuses to ever be part of again. The scenes that feature the tweaking and psychotic Bobby Mayfield are very intense and descriptive—some may find them difficult to read, particularly if they themselves have ever lived at the hands of an abuser. However, since this novel is told from three differing points of view—Dilly, Boz, and Bobby’s, those same gritty chapters are important to the story.

The romance in this novel is parts funny and parts delightfully sweet. Boz and Dilly together are everything you hope for when they first have their initial bumbling meet up. While they’ll bring a smile to your face, it must be said that Puffer and Boz’s sleepy dog, Leon, steals every scene they are in. Between the little dog that falls asleep on Boz’s foot, and Puffer who lives his life in a marijuana haze, I couldn’t stop laughing every time they came in the picture. An honorable mention must go to Puffer’s girlfriend, Estelle, just because she thinks about geriatric sex more than anything else and treats Puffer like her boy toy in all the right ways.

Between this hilarious motley cast of characters, a thrilling and nail-biting story of revenge and obsession, and the lovely romance that grows between the two main characters, I would venture to say that once again John Inman has a hit on his hands. Dilly and Boz is a wonderful romance and a terrifying thriller all rolled into one. I highly recommend it to you.