Rating: 5 stars
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Length: Novella

Trek is a travel writer (and can you think of a better name for that sort of character?), and he and his rescue pittie, Commando, are on the road in his ’59 Plymouth Fury when he needs to stop for gas. Since he stops is a tiny, barely populated hamlet, Trek leaves the keys and Commando in the car while he pays. As it turns out, it’s not as safe as he thought. A thief jumps into the car, driving away. While Trek is upset about the car, he’s even more upset because thief took off with Commando, as well.

Dan is the cop who shows up to take the report. He convinces Trek to get into his police car and go down the road to see if they can catch up with the thief. Sure enough, they find the Fury crashed into a light pole…and Commando’s teeth around the thief’s ear.

With the bad guy in custody, Trek is faced with the news that Commando will have to remain in town in quarantine to make sure he doesn’t have rabies. Not knowing what he’ll do for two weeks, Trek accepts Dan’s offer to show him around the local tourist stops so he can at least keep busy during his stay.

Soon, Dan offers for Trek and Commando to come stay with him in his spare room. Trek agrees, but there’s no sleeping in the guest room. The men begin a heated affair that’s supposed to be a temporary fling…two weeks of fun before Trek has to take off again. During the day, Dan and Trek drive around exploring all the great attractions this area of New Mexico has to offer, and at night, the men explore each other.

What’s going to happen after Commando’s quarantine is over? Will Trek move on to his next assignment, or will he and Dan find a way to continue their budding romance, even if it’s long distance?

You guys, I loved this story! I’m such a sucker for characters with pets, and I do have a weakness for pitties. As soon as I saw the blurb for Dogjacked, I jumped right on it, and I’m not sorry at all. It turned into some of the most enjoyable 45 minutes I’ve spent.

The plot itself is relatively simple…meet cute, spend time doing fun things, fall into bed, and then fall in love. I would actually consider Dogjacked to be a “comfort read.” It was easy to get into, and equally as easy to fall in love with Trek, Dan, and yes, Commando. The men are a charming couple, full of humor, romance, and a huge a huge amount of sexiness. Their chemistry is off the charts, and the insta-love aspect of the story is perfectly acceptable, partly because this is a relatively short novella, and partly because it fits both characters’ personalities. They both go into their relationship with the full knowledge Trek will be leaving after two weeks, but they can’t fight what’s going on between the two of them, and they don’t want to anyway.

Another aspect of the story that I enjoyed was the descriptions of the places they visited…the zip lining, a ghost town, searching for gemstones in a rock park…all of it was vibrant and nicely detailed. It actually wanted to jump in the car to visit New Mexico. It all seemed like so much fun! 

Speaking of fun. I already mentioned Trek and Dan’s chemistry. I did want to take a second to talk about the sex scenes. There aren’t many, but whoa! The author packed a lot of punch into those few scenes. There are no flowery descriptions…just down and dirty and hot sex. I loved the dirty talk and giggled a bit at some of the language. This is my favorite line:

“Slick as a prairie dog down its den, no strain or pain, just a silky stretching, probing press, deep and deeper still.”

I love when there’s humor included in sex scenes. To me, it gives them a relaxed and real feeling.

The ending, while predictable, was delightful. It was exactly what I needed. It’s obvious Trek and Dan are going to get their HEA, but the way they got it was perfection. It made me smile. In fact, I loved it so much, Dogjacked will definitely go into my re-read pile. I recommend this sweet novella SO much. It will leave you feeling happy and satisfied and wanting more.