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Cody Bower and Demetrius Singleton are long-time residents of small-town Parson’s Hollow. They grew up together and were friends, but both in denial about their mutual attraction. Recently, they reconnected and formed the Critter Catchers business to deal with unwanted pest animals. And, working side-by-side, rekindled more than a friendship. They got married and barely survived their honeymoon. Did I mention that their side-business is dealing with deadly paranormal-type characters? They include a chupacabra, a wolfman, a great sea monster, and others.

This book, which the author states will be the last featuring Cody and Demmy, opens with Demmy nearly mauled by a mysterious animal while attempting to take a surreptitious pee break (under a full moon) on a stretch of wooded road outside Parson’s Hollow. He barely escapes, and is shaken by the experience. Meanwhile, Cody is anxiously awaiting Denny’s return because he needs help dealing with his own estranged 15-year-old niece, Summer, who took a cross-country bus trip from Utah to escape her stifling home life. Cody isn’t on the best of terms with his brother Roman, though, and is afraid to call him about Summer’s appearance.

More strange happenings are occurring all over Parson’s Hollow. Demmy’s mild Aunt Amelia is losing her cool, lots of people have been bitten while in the woods, other people are going missing, and worse, there have been a couple of grisly murders. It seems like the Wolfman has returned, but there’s no sign who it could be. Demmy had killed a true wolfman just over a year ago, and they suspect perhaps that man’s children could be behind the bitings. Trying to keep their fears on the down-low is hard when Summer’s hanging around, and the incidents of violence are escalating. It almost seems as if Cody is the center of the investigation, and the local law enforcement is unwilling to believe Cody and Demmy’s warnings of something that might go Ahhhooooo, in the night.

Dread of Night is the seventh book in the Critter Catchers series, and can be enjoyed on its own, but is likely best appreciated if you have read previous books in the series. This story was a well-written romantic suspense thrill ride. Cody and Demmy are trying to save their close friends and family, and also each other, from what seems to be apocalyptic levels of werewolves. It’s a very touch and go situation, and many characters from previous books enter to assist as the full moon draws ever closer. It’s a great recap of previous horrors, and yet the side characters and story still felt fresh. There was lots of gore and lots more lovin’ as Cody and Demmy dealt with the strain of an odd house guest, an irate brother, and a growing list of missing persons. Their passion for one another was only celebrated as they battled the impossible to save their town and one another.

If you like paranormal romantic suspense, this is a book to check out. While I know there won’t be another Cody and Demmy book, it was clear that other stories could be in the offing—maybe featuring other Bower boys finding love in Parson’s Hollow.

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