Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Wes and Hudson are happily settled into their lives together, working as private detectives, living in a new home in an upscale neighborhood, and enjoying time with their found family. However, when a suspect they are following on a case ends up dead, it is just the first in a chain of strange events. They learn that shifters are dying of drug overdoses, something seemingly impossible given their metabolisms. Newbie vampires are showing up around town and no one knows who is siring them or why they are attacking shifters. Hudson’s niece, who everyone thought was dead, shows up very much alive. And the men end up with temporarily custody of an amnesiac teen shifter.

As Hudson and Wes tackle each new challenge, they soon realize that there is something going on connecting all of these incidents, but understanding what is happening and who is behind it all isn’t easy. The men are supported by Iskander, Evan, and Lexi as they attempt to figure out what is happening and how to stop the deaths. But when the men realize the danger is connected to Hudson’s past, the situation turns increasingly dire. Now Hudson and Wes are going to need all their considerable strength, plus the support of their friends, if they are going to fight the bad guys and make it out alive.

Graveyard Shift is the third book in Jenn Burke’s incredible Not Yet Dead series. One of the hallmarks of this series for me is the fabulous world building, and it continues on here in this third book. This is a world with vampires, shifters, and other paranormal beings, plus a not-quite-ghost god in Wes. Burke manages to create a world that is rich and detailed, but never overwhelmingly complex. This story focuses a lot on shifters and I enjoyed the way Burke brings this paranormal trope to life within this world. The mystery and suspense elements are really nicely integrated with the world and there are so many twists and turns here, there are constant surprises. I loved the way all the pieces start out as disparate, and suddenly everything comes together in such an engaging way. There are lots of high octane moments, some truly scary situations, and one incredibly sad event here that really make this an intense and engaging story.

While the suspense and world building elements are excellent throughout this series, what I really love here are the characters. Wes and Hudson are long ago lovers who finally found their way back to each other in the first story, Not Dead Yet. The bond between them existed from the start, but Burke manages to show them growing in their connection and their love for one another over the books. Here these guys are tested in so many ways, yet the strength of their bond is what gets them through the really hard times. We get a really nice resolution here for the men as a couple, and this story really ties up the series so nicely.

I really can’t recommend this series highly enough. The world building is wonderful and creative, the stories are exciting and intense, and the main couple is lovely, with some really great friends. I have thoroughly enjoyed every story and definitely can recommend it to everyone.