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Length: Novel

Since the death of his father, Xavier has wanted only one thing — for others, particularly his neighboring business owners, to stop looking at him as the kid who once worked in his dad’s store and now see him as the owner and mature man he has become. But that may be hard for others to do when Xavier himself struggles with his own self-worth and taking control of any given situation.

His insecurities all stem from a deeply private secret: Xavier likes to be spanked—a lot. But finding someone who both understands his sexual needs and who is able to be trusted with them is a tall order. When his friend, Georgia, takes him to a party where kink is on the menu, Xavier worries because he is initially turned down. Just when he is berating himself for being so needy and desperate enough to admit to strangers how much he wants to be spanked, he meets a guy who seems to enjoy giving as much as Xavier likes receiving. The only problem is the guy has to leave too soon and, oh yeah, everyone at the party is wearing masks so he has no idea who the guy even is.

R. Cayden offers up a truly delightful romance with a side order of kink in Love Spanks. Pairing up two men, Xavier and Dominick, who both have an affinity for a very specific kind of kink is just the beginning of this fascinating little book. Along with that burgeoning relationship comes a whole passel of backstory about both men and how they actually have a past that once intersected in a very embarrassing, yet provocative way. Then to top off the story, there is a side plot about a bit of corporate espionage and business shenanigans that the author cleverly ties into the romantic entanglement that unfolds between Dominick and Xavier.

I ate this story up. First off, both Dominick and Xavier were very well developed characters who both struggled with their sexual needs. But where Dominick was able to brush his worries aside and live in the moment, Xavier was a bit of a basket case and anxious that he may come off as even weaker than he was already being perceived should anyone discover his desires. I loved how Dominick took his time and set Xavier at ease—always mindful that a good dominant must earn the trust of their submissive and never push before the time is right. However, that didn’t stop the author from giving us some remarkably steamy encounters between the two men and oh my golly Xavier came up with some really fun and sexy fantasies for him and Dominick to act out.

I think the only thing I didn’t understand was the ex-love interest angle that Dominick left behind in New York. Even though the relationship had ended, Dominick worried the guy might give away his secret penchant for spanking and try to ruin Dominick’s reputation. That never seemed to go anywhere and I wondered more than once why it was even an issue. Other than that dangling plot point, I was very happy with the story overall.

Love Spanks by R, Cayden is a kinky little romance with a lovely happy ever after. It is a well written story with very likable characters and enough steamy sex to ring most anyone’s bell.

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