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Hunter Dane knows how to compartmentalize. Being a police detective means he sees all kinds of things—horrible things–but nothing prepared him for what he witnesses in the closet that night. So he goes to the one place he knows someone can make him forget, the elite BDSM club of which he is a member. But Hunter has hard limits and one has to do with remaining an anal virgin, despite every Dom in the place wanting to break his cherry. This night, Hunter will have no limits and the Dom he chooses will see to it that Hunter will come apart at the seams and chase all his demons away.

Cameron Snow has been watching Hunter for nearly two years and has wanted him every moment of that time. Cam is known for his no rules or limits style of dominating—only a sub’s safe word will put an end to whatever Cam decides to dole out. When Hunter kneels at Cam’s feet, the first thing the Dom makes sure of is that Hunter understands that any hard limits he has are off the table—anything can and will go if Hunter chooses to submit. This night marks the beginning of a partnership that will drive Hunter to the edge and bring him back safely. For Cam, it means letting his heart feel all the things he has only fantasized about when it comes to Hunter Dane and making the man his in every sense of the word is only the beginning.

Adira August has released a special edition of the first of her Hunt&Cam4Ever series, Matchstick Men, along with the original novella, On His Knees, that began the multi-book series. This little duo is like a one-two punch that can only begin to be described with words like gritty, visceral, and unashamedly descriptive. This is BDSM at its finest and its most intense. In the span of one night, Cam shatters every one of Hunter’s previous hard limits, dismantles the reserved and nearly emotionless cop, and begins to put him back together.

They will begin a pseudo relationship that will reek of lust, skirt the edge of love, and tear at Hunter’s every reservation. Despite Hunter assuring Cam that he does not emotionally attach to any of the Doms or subs he plays with, Hunter will begin to doubt his own words and question just how much he should be around Cam, who insists on becoming his shadow and partner. Despite Hunter’s good intentions, he will allow Cam to become immersed in the case that has rocked their world—a murder involving a woman at their club—one who openly hated Hunter.

The author brings these two men together and seamlessly wraps them up in this relationship that is so incredibly sexy and intense. Hunter, who is so very sure that he cannot emotionally attach to anyone, finds himself doing just that to Cam. Between their flirtation that turns into so much more so quickly, and the hunt for the psycho killer, this book moves rapidly to a climactic ending. While there isn’t really a cliffhanger, there is also not a hint of a happy for now ending. Instead, we are left hanging emotionally in a good way and so the reader is forced to move on to the next book in order to see just what happens to Hunter’s resolve at the end of the first novel.

Matchstick Men is an explosive, steamy beginning to a relationship you can’t hope but wish continues on indefinitely. The mystery element is a solid one with enough action to titillate any fan of the genre. But it’s the emotional journey that is the star here and one that definitely makes me want to move on to the next installment to get more of these two men.

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