Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

Darren Sumner doesn’t fit into his old world, that of an Argenti agent who hunted werewolves and killed them, or his new one as the lover of alpha werewolf, Aden Richter. Despised and in danger of being eliminated by one group and hated and distrusted by the other, Darren cannot deny that falling for the handsome alpha could be a mistake. However, his heart tells him otherwise and now he must try to fit into this new world where his skills still may help the very species he once hunted.

When an ex of Aden’s shows up and is angling to pull off a coup that will effectively make him the most powerful pack leader ever, Aden and Darren must work together to take him down. But old feelings and loyalties run deep and Aden finds he is loathe to destroy the man who once held his heart, despite the fact that said heart now belongs to a man he once viewed as an enemy.

On the Ragged Edge of the World by Jamie Craig has been rereleased with a new publisher and I am happy to report it has stood the test of time. It still is an excellent paranormal action adventure story with a sexy hot romance that keeps the book hopping. The set up with Darren trying to establish himself in Aden’s pack and assure them that he is fighting on their side takes center stage for a good portion of the novel. That, along with the reappearance of the ex, who is a power hungry wolf ready to skirt the edge of the law just to bring Aden to his knees and take over his pack, makes this story a non-stop thriller that will satisfy any adrenaline junkie who happens to like the paranormal.

While this book does have a predecessor, Trick of Silver, where Aden and Darren meet, I had no problem diving into this story without having first read that one. Having said that, I do think reading these in order would give one a better sense of just what it is Darren once did for the Argenti and how he and Aden met and became such intense lovers seemingly so quickly. On the Ragged Edge of the World takes that next step in establishing Darren as more than just Aden’s latest boy toy, instead making the pack deal with their dislike for him due to his ties to the hated Argenti group and recognize that Darren is there to stay—possibly as their Alpha’s mate.

At first, the hostility that met Darren and the seeming lack of respect for Aden from many of the wolves he leads seems a bit unusual. I am used to stories where the head of a pack is obeyed and almost feared and to see Aden’s wolves speak their minds with no regard to how rude and brutal it sounded was very different from the more formulaic pack hierarchy I was used to reading. I have to admit, I liked this change and it made the novel seem more realistic, rather than one man having the ability to squelch his pack members with just a glare. I also liked the fact that Darren was no slouch and could hold his own against just about anyone. He was no pushover and that made him the perfect man for Aden who had testosterone for days.

There was little about this story not to like, but I think the way in which the ex-lover was so easily dispatched was the only flaw that seemed out of sync with the rest of the novel. After so much buildup, the ending seemed rushed and way too simple. However, the rest of this book was very well done and I think lovers of the paranormal genre will enjoy this one.