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The San Capistrano series is the continuing story of Ben and Alex and the books are meant to be read in order. The reviews will reveal information and potential spoilers for prior books in the series.

 Ben and Alex have moved into the beach house left to them by Ben’s mother, and their two daughters keep them plenty busy. With Polly, Ben’s grandmother, living with them as well, life is better than either man thought it ever could be.

But not everyone is happy for them and when Alex’s mother, Janice, shows up again despite a restraining order against her, more wounds are inflicted and old ones are torn open. No one is safe when Janice is around and Alex desperately tries to prove it before it is too late for his family.

Ben and Alex are a solid couple and have been almost since the day they met. Life isn’t always easy, and they are busy raising two young daughters and they both have their struggles, but their love for each other is unwavering. All of the books in this series are highly character and relationship driven and Ben and Alex are better together.

Alex has also been better since Janice has not come near him, but that all changes as she decides she wants to see her granddaughter. We have been told a lot of what Alex went through as a child at the hands of his abusive mother, but there is more that we don’t know, things that Alex has been too embarrassed to tell anyone, even Ben, and now Janice is after Alex’s children.

This book is heavier and has more angst than the others in the series. Janice is specifically written to be an evil character and the author writes her well. Alex’s health slides backwards, his anxiety ramps up, he blames himself for his mother’s actions, and the men travel an incredibly difficult road. Although both men want to lash out at times, they stay together and their bond is solid even as the hits keep coming for them.

Even at the end of the book, Ben and Alex are a solid family, but there is still much healing to be done. The series continues on and although there are no guarantees in their lives, perhaps Ben and Alex can get a much needed break and enjoy themselves just a little more as their story moves forward once again. This series covers a lot of years in their lives and if you are looking for a longer running series following the same couple throughout various stages in their lives, The San Capistrano series is a good choice.

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