Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Charlie’s 30th birthday is looming, and he promised himself he’d get his GED before he turned 30. Plus, with his beloved nephew starting school soon, Charlie wants to show the little boy that education is important. But his anxiety and his Tourette’s syndrome make things difficult, and by the time he manages to talk himself into going into the first class, he’s already on high alert. One moment makes Charlie ready to leave.

Owen teaches high school during the day, and he’s passionate about education, which is why he’s teaching the GED classes at night. He sees Charlie’s panic and knows he screwed up. He convinces Charlie to stay, but it’s a near thing. Owen offers to help Charlie on his own time, and being so attracted to Charlie is only a small portion of why.

The two men find a connection with each other. Charlie feels comfortable around Owen, and Owen wants Charlie to succeed. Together, they can both make their dreams come true.

I really enjoyed this book. The biggest thing that drew me in is that both guys don’t play games. They each have their reasons and their struggles, but they’re up front and honest about their attraction and they work toward being something, while also helping Charlie get his GED.

I loved the depth of these characters, especially for such a short book. Brook does a great job of letting us inside their minds and understanding their reasoning. I felt we got to know Charlie a little bit better than Owen, but this was primarily Charlie’s journey, so that made sense. Charlie has a lot stacked against him, and it’s made worse by the fact that he is a big, strong guy. So stereotypes play into it, as people don’t see him as sensitive and easy to hurt. I simply adored Charlie and how brave he was.

These guys are adorable, and their story is a quick read. But like I said, they don’t play games and that’s refreshing to see. They make a connection, they build on it, and they help each other while falling in love. If you’re looking for something to pass an hour or two, that will give you the warm fuzzies, then this book is for you.