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Length: Novel

Everett’s wife has decided she wants a divorce. Everett didn’t see that coming, but he slowly realizes he may have been checked out of their life for a while. He works hard and their bills are more than covered, but his relationships, including the one with his college age daughter, are slipping. Everett hasn’t been close to his family for years and walked away from their controlling ways and when his brother died, he wasn’t invited to the funeral.

It’s during this time that Everett’s “nephew,” Adam, sends him a message. Everett only met Adam once when Adam was five, after Everett’s brother adopted him. Everett hasn’t seen or spoken to Adam since then and now Adam is 27 with a daughter of his own. As Everett moves to the building across from Adam, the men spend more time together and Everett starts to see where he needs to put in extra work in life, mostly repairing his relationship with his daughter. But Everett can also see Adam from the window and that will change everything.

This book was a fast moving, easy read focusing on Everett and Adam as Everett goes through a divorce and tries to repair his relationship with his daughter. Adam arrives into Everett’s life exactly when he needed him and Adam also needed Everett. The two of them fit together from the start. When the book opens, Everett is still living with his soon to be ex-wife and their relationship is quickly deteriorating. If we are being technical, Everett is Adam’s uncle, but they are not blood related. Everett’s brother adopted Adam, and they met once when Adam was small, and since Everett then didn’t speak to his brother, he never received any updates on Adam. The men do like to play up the uncle/nephew angle for fun and some mild kink when their relationship becomes physical.

Everett has never been attracted to men before, but Adam becomes all he can think about. Their bedroom windows face each other and that plays a role in the development of Everett’s feelings for Adam, as indicated by the title of the book. However, this didn’t fully work for me. Both men are aware they can see into each other’s windows, yet it never occurs to them that the other can see everything they do in their bedroom. Also, if they can see each other, other people can most likely see as well, but this is never addressed, which made this set up a little weak for me.

I did like Everett and Adam together as despite the age difference, the men just get each other and Adam’s young daughter fits into Everett’s life as he tries to rebuild his relationship with his own daughter. Everett acknowledges that he has never been attracted to a man before, but the fact that he is in a relationship with Adam becomes no issue for him anywhere in his life. He doesn’t spend too much time thinking about it and it doesn’t affect his career, his friends, the relationship he is repairing with his daughter, or the time he spends with Adam in the bedroom and everything moves along easily.

I would have liked a little more character as well as relationship development. I also would have liked a little more background on Adam and a little more depth to the relationship between the men overall. Also, Everett uses terms of endearment at times that didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of his character’s dialogue, Adam’s daughter is sent home from public school with an assignment about Santa, as if everyone celebrates Christmas, and there are mental health issues that are casually mentioned, but then dropped.

The author states that there will be another story in this world for a side character and Everett and Adam will be seen there as well, but the ending here didn’t go as far as I would have liked to see for their story. While I did like Everett and Adam together as they explored the physical side of their relationship, some of the external areas of the story didn’t all come together as well for me.

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