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Length: Novel

Kymar is hoping to find his fated mate, but has all but given up hope. He loves his remote home in the mountains, particularly having snow much of the year. But Kymar is growing to accept that he is lonely. Endless random hookups are no longer filling the void for him. When Kymar visits his dragon friend, Laszlo, he meets Laslzo’s new mate, Roman, and Roman’s friend, Holden. The moment Kymar sees Holden, he knows he must have the gorgeous omega.

Holden had no idea dragon’s were real until one appeared in Laszlo’s yard. Holden is immediately struck by how gorgeous Kymar is in both dragon and human forms, and he wants him badly. Something about Kymar calls to everything in Holden and he can’t wait to fall into the gorgeous alpha’s bed. When Kymar flies him on his back to his house in the mountains, Holden is thrilled and charmed. And a few days in bed with Kymar is more amazing than Holden could have even hoped.

Holden knows better than to think happiness with Kymar could last, however. Every relationship he has had has taught him that. So while Kymar assures Holden that they are mates and meant to be together, Holden is not willing to commit to a life with Kymar — he knows it will only bring him hurt at the end. But leaving his dragon isn’t as easy as Holden thinks it will be, and he is miserable without Kymar, and Kymar feels the same. Now Kymar has to convince Holden that the pair are meant to be together, and that their future really can be forever if Holden just gives them a chance.

The Snow Dragon’s Mate is the second book in Silvia Violet’s Lonely Dragon’s Club series. This story follows closely with the first book, The Christmas Dragon’s Mate, as the plots cross over. In the first book, we see Kymar and Holden meet, and that scene, as well as a few others, are repeated again here from Holden and Kymar’s POVs. I think this one stands alone in terms of the relationship, but some of the world building is better detailed in the first book. However, you should be able to pick up this story as a standalone if you wish.

Like the first book in the series, this story features a confident, slightly arrogant, and a bit high handed dragon. I think Violet does a nice job here giving Kymar balance so he doesn’t come across as too much. While we see his confidence, we also see some of his vulnerability, as well as his more playful moments. The men have a day playing in the snow and Kymar has a child-like delight that goes a long way to balance out his more heavy handed sided. There are some moments here that focus on Kymar claiming Holden and convincing him they must be together that are just at the edge of too much for me, but I generally found them sweet together and super sexy.

The attraction between Kymar and Holden is immediate and it is all they can do to keep their hands off one another from the moment they meet. The men fall into bed as soon as they can, but there is also time where we see them getting to know one another while Holden is snowbound for a few days in Kymar’s house. This is a fated mates story, so the emotional connection is pretty instant, but I think it works for this type of fantasy-style story. I did wish for a little more character development on Holden’s part, however. We are told that Holden is wary of a relationship because he doesn’t trust it can last. Given that this is really the only conflict in the story, I felt like more background into this issue and more of a sense of how it affects Holden would have given us a better understanding of his reservations.

The Snow Dragon’s Mate is a cute, fun story with a holiday twist. If you enjoy fated mates, dragon shifters, or just light holiday fun, this book (and series) is a great choice.

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