Story Rating: 3 stars
Audio Rating: 2.5 stars

Narrator: Erik Bloomquist
Length: 8 hours, 17 minutes

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Former FBI agent Cooper Dayton’s world was turned upside down when he was attacked by a werewolf. He didn’t know that werewolves existed and now he works for the BSI, the Bureau of Special Investigations, hunting those werewolves. A new murder case is presented to him, along with a new partner, Oliver Park, who is also a werewolf.

Cooper doesn’t trust Park and he is sure the man is hiding something, but Cooper has been warned to make this partnership work. Even though Park is easy on the eyes, Cooper continues to be distrustful as the number of murder victims continues to rise and the list of suspects continues to grow. Cooper comes to realize that Park is a competent agent and that not all wolves have to be the enemy, but even though there is a serious attraction between the men, Cooper remains wary. Until, that attraction is too much to ignore and the men find themselves spending their nights together. But a killer is still on the loose and if Cooper and Park don’t catch him, either of them could be the next victim.

I had several issues with this book and the audio and a lot of that stems from the delivery of the narration, which I will address first. The book is narrated by Erik Bloomquist and the speed at which he spoke was so incredibly fast, it was difficult to follow, even when ensuring the audio was set to regular speed. I began to wonder if the narrator was indeed speaking this quickly, or if something happened during production, or a little of both, to make it sound so fast. Regardless, it was not enjoyable to listen to. Added to that, there was barely a difference in voices for the main characters and there were a lot of side characters as well. When they were all in a scene together, it was more difficult than it should have been to follow what was happening. When the relationship progressed between Cooper and Park, everything sounded rushed, and if there was any emotion that had been written in to the story itself, it was completely lost in the fast pace of the narration. If you are interested in this book, I would suggest the ebook over the audio version.

I then had a more difficult time getting into this story as a whole. The romantic relationship here is second to the investigation, but I never felt the attraction between the men. The book is told from Cooper’s point of view, which helped to keep Park mysterious, but I never felt like I got to know him at all, and he seemed to be a wolf in name only. The investigation also was kind of bland for me, It was clear who the killer was from first glance, and maybe it was the delivery, but there was nothing to hold my interest in this one.

I was looking forward to this book and it had a lot of elements I should have liked. Whether it was the book, the narration, or both, I’m going with this one wasn’t for me.