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Today I am so pleased to welcome Meraki P. Dark to Joyfully Jay. Meraki has come to share an exclusive excerpt from his release, Dreams of Vengeance. Please join me in giving him a big welcome!



All he had was the nurse’s silence and the TV showing a game that he at least found somewhat interesting to listen to from his prone position.

His professional curiosity made him pay attention to the commentator, and this one was good.

“There we go, all ready to enjoy the game.” She up-righted the bed to allow him to see the TV again. “I’ll set up your breakfast while you enjoy your game.”

She packed the stuff away and left with it, and Axel lost interest in the game since there would apparently be no stopping the thing from returning for him again. And again. And again. And it all seemed frigging hopeless.

He even felt tears stream down his face again.

The nurse stopped by his bed. “Oh, no, Mr. Ellis. I know this is hard, but the doctors are still sure it’s only temporary, and they are working on finding out what caused it and if they can reverse it. Don’t lose hope.”

The hatred that had built and somewhat numbed him from the humiliation that night returned, and he zeroed in on the man who’d stood beside his hospital bed and promised him he’d be in and out in no time and back to commentating sports.

He’d lied!How dare he make such promises?

The nurse scurried about and set up his liquid food. He missed the taste and texture of a steak.

But all he had was the TV and the light moving across the room to finally paint the sky red.

Then the shades were drawn shut, and he was told to have a good night’s sleep. They didn’t even know what kind of hell it was not to be able to sleep. And they hadn’t discovered the new hell he’d been dumped into with a demon having found his passiveness alluring.

And all he could do was wait.


The doctors were optimistic that it was a temporary adverse reaction. For the first three months, his fiancé stuck around. Then, over the next three, his parents began outsourcing the care for him. After ten months, no one could bear to see him lie there, staring into the ceiling and crying bitter tears at a promising career in sports commentating going down the drain. Being unable to sleep during the perpetual sleep-paralysis, all he had was the view of a ceiling.

But one night, a Lil demon stopped by.

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Meraki P. Dark is the alter ego of Meraki P. Lyhne.  This is his darkside, sure to give you chills and thrills!  You can find Meraki at any of the links below!

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