The end of yet another year, this one filled with as much strife and garbage as it was filled with joy and happiness. So I want to take a moment here and highlight my top reads of the year, hoping that anyone who hasn’t had a chance to pick them up can do so, then end your year with solid good reading. That being said, on to my selection of the best books I read this year. And maybe not coincidentally, they are all series, or a part of one. In no particular order, here they are!

Not Dead Yet Series by Jenn Burke (audio by Greg Boudreaux)—y’all, this series. Characters that pull at your heart and make you fall in love with them, interesting world building, mystery, paranormal, and fated love. This series has it all. I love Burke’s style, the narrative is tight, and the pacing spot on. This trilogy is worth a read, or a listen. As I listened to all three, and Greg Boudreaux does an outstanding job. Whether devouring with your eyeballs or your ears, I can say without a doubt this series is fantastic.

College of United Monsters Series by C. B. Archer—If you’ve been following along, this one is not surprise. I absolutely adore Archer’s irreverent humor, his unbelievable style, and the sheer hilarity that ensues with these books. Only two of the four books currently out were released this year, but the entire series is worth a read. If you like sheer ridiculousness paired with hysterical situations and a unique take on storytelling, then this series if for you.

SoulBound Series by Hailey Turner—While technically I read the first book in this series last fall, the second two were released this year, so I’m including the whole series on this list. And really, it’s just that good. Turner has a magic way of world building that sucks me in and immerses me. On top of that, her characters are top notch, well developed, and engaging on a level that’s not easy to find. The world in this series is unique and interesting, and I can’t wait for more.

New Horizons and Fire in the Heart by Hailey Turner—Yes, more Turner, but the author is really just that good. These two novellas are in addition to the Metahuman Files series, continuing the story without negating the original arc of the series. I’m all in with this world and these characters, and the dystopian futuristic society really pushes all my buttons

Black Sky Morning by Hanna Dare—I dig every book in this series, but this third installment is maybe my favorite. There’s so much going on in the book, but the author paces it so well that it flows seamlessly and is easy to follow. Space pirates, rule followers, rule breakers, and deep love, this book has it all.

Aftermath by Tanya Chris—After reading the first two books in this trilogy, I was desperate for this last story. The characters played parts in the earlier tales, and I couldn’t wait to see what Chris would do with them. This is a redemption story. A story about the characters finding themselves, what they need, and taking responsibility for their actions. The author handles all of that, and the sometimes heavy themes, with a deft hand. Definitely worth a read.