Story Rating: 4.75 stars
Audio Rating: 4.75 stars

Narrator: Cornell Collins
Length: 10 hours, 52 minutes

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Dragon Prince Lysander has always been someone’s prisoner. Although he is an emerald dragon, he never knew what that meant, but his entire life is about to change once again when he finally finds out. Through it all, Lysander has wanted to be with elf assassin, Eroan Ilanea, but fate certainly is working to keep them apart.

Eroan never gives up and takes his assassin oath seriously. He longs for time with Lysander, but there is a traitor among the elves. A traitor that wants to make Eroan pay for loving a dragon.

Bronze Chief, Dokul, still stalks Lysander and Eroan and he will stop at nothing to claim what he thinks belongs to him. But Lysander and Eroan are united by fate, by the fight, and by love, and it will take everything they have to see the dragons and elves rise up to a new day.

Blood and Ice is the third book in the Silk and Steel series and includes all the devastating brutality you would expect from this series. This series, while darker, has become one of my favorites and I thought this was the final book, but there is a book four featuring Lysander’s brother, Akiem, that was released in November.

This story keeps up the pace of the rest of the series and there is no rest or leniency for Eroan and Lysander. The author keeps throwing horrific things at them and the amount these two have to survive can be overwhelming. Every time they have even one moment of peace, they pay for it many times over.

The book winds its way through Lysander learning what it means to be emerald and Eroan being betrayed by someone close to him. Eroan is an elf assassin who took an oath to kill dragons and is now in love with one, and very few elves understand this. Eroan is a great character and paired with Lysander they bring out the very best in each other. There is lots of danger to be seen here, lots of scenes of battle, scenes of ruthless brutality that seems never ending for these two, and there is an extraordinary amount for both Lysander and Eroan to overcome against a true dark, evil villain in Dokul. As the book ended and Lysander and Eroan fulfill at least a portion of their destiny, I still would have liked a little more time to see them together before the final scene came to a close.

Without a doubt, this is a stand-out darker fantasy series and gets a strong recommendation for an epic adventure that never lets up.

Cornell Collins continues the narration for this series and his voice and performance carry through for all of the books. His voice is instantly recognizable for all of the characters and it’s his delivery that helps keeps the tension at an all-time high for this series. His tone and inflection as each character says, “Eroan Ilanea” in their own perfectly appropriate way is only but one of the highlights of this series. This is an intense series on its own, but for a heightened dose of tension that will keep you intrigued each moment, certainly try the audio version.

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