Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

Ben and Alex are more settled than they have been in a while. Although life is busy with two careers, two small girls, and their foster son, Jamie, they men are in love and happy. Alex is healthy and there is nowhere else the men would rather be. As Halloween approaches, the men get some news that will either offer Alex closure, or send him down a dark path once again.

This is a short story set in the San Capistrano world that comes after book 5, Scattered Shells. The books were published last year, so I would imagine that this story bridged a gap during a wait from one novel to the next.

This is a short scene from the lives of Ben and Alex as they settle into having Jamie live with them. They are also coping with their girls getting a little older, but as Lucy turned two, the chaos increased in their lives as well. A large focus of the story involves Alex and his family. I was waiting for this to happen and, in some ways, it made sense to have this scene in its own book. This is a topic that will need to be revisited as the series progresses, but the men remain strong and solid in their relationship.

For all the things the men have had to deal with, there is a soft undercurrent to their story and it’s always easy to fall back into their lives. This book can only be read if you have followed the series, which I would recommend for an enduring love story set through the years.