Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

From the outside, Killian Michaels has it all. He’s the bassist for the most popular rock band, Fallen Angel, and his looks and appeal get him everything he wants. Except…their new manager Levi Walker.

Levi has a job to do and that job takes all of his focus. In a small moment of weakness, he shared a scorching hot kiss with Killian, but Levi has a rule that he doesn’t intend to break. Do not get involved with a client. Levi has already learned his lesson and has no interest in repeating that mistake. The attraction between the men is all they can think about and they are both cranky with the tension. Killian is seductive and Levi knows that he wants him and if they can just get it together, they may just find the perfect relationship.

Killian and Levi are not new to the Fallen Angel series, but the previous three books focused on Halo and Viper. Killian is the type of rocker I like to read about. As the bassist, he’s still confident, but not over the top. Levi is the new band manager and he’s highly focused on getting the job done and is a little more buttoned up and a little more reserved than Killian. But that one kiss the men shared lit them both up. The majority of the book takes place six months after that kiss and neither man can stop thinking about the other.

The chemistry between Killian and Levi is a highlight of the book. Killian is used to getting who and what he wants and when Levi shuts him down, he has no idea what to do with himself. Levi has reasons for not wanting to get involved with Killian and Killian, in his own way, sets out to change Levi’s mind.

The book was fun and was moving along well until the scene of “the misunderstanding.” The way in which it happened has been so overdone and was so cliched to me and it really didn’t fit into the style of writing I have seen from this series and that steered the story off course for me some.

Their actual relationship moves fast and, by the time the end of the story comes around, the men are several steps ahead of what we were shown. Also, I have heard that this is the last book in this series, and other storylines, like Imogen, Halo’s sister, were getting wrapped up at the end, and it all seemed so rushed and Killian’s and Levi’s HEA went a little fast for me. While certain aspects of the book didn’t all come together for  me, overall, Killian and Levi were a fun couple to read about.