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Length: Novel

Ian Banner climbed his way out of a horrible situation with the help of generous men who have become his family. He’s married now, looking to start a family, and his restaurant, Rialto, is the hottest spot in town. Everything seems perfect. Except, someone definitely has a grudge against Ian and is looking to not only take down his restaurant, but Ian as well, and the attacks are coming from every angle.

Ian wants to handle this himself. It’s his restaurant and, although his friends mean well, they tend to take over. As the attacks increase and become violent, Ian realizes he has not fully dealt with his past and if the attacks keep escalating, he might not have the chance.

Rialto is the last book in the Unbreakable Bonds series, and it’s sad to say goodbye to this group of friends who have banded together to make an incredible family. This book is Ian’s story, as his past comes back and he has some final pieces to wrap up. It also shows all of the men becoming settled in their own way as the series comes to a close.

Ian’s dream was to own a restaurant and it has become a reality. Yet, the restaurant and then his own safety is clearly being targeted, and although he knows what could be at stake, he tries to handle things on his own. I really like the characters in this series and the personal relationships they have created with each other and their significant others, but the case work and drama don’t always work out as well for me. It’s clear Ian is in trouble and after everything he has suffered in the past, he wants to make it out to be no big deal and, after a point, this tactic stops working. Ian’s restaurant is being attacked and Ian himself is being attacked and once the culprit is revealed, there were areas that weren’t fully explained as to how this person could have accomplished everything and that story line was not all that intriguing for me. The men then have to go on one more rescue mission to close out the series, but their antics have been overdone for me and it came across somewhat as a farce to me as opposed to a serious rescue mission.

It was great to see all of the men from the series here and the solid family they have created and how their lives have grown. Some couples got more page time, while others’ last scenes were just told in a few sentences and the end wasn’t as balanced as I would have liked.

It was great to get to meet all of these men throughout the series and watch their friendships grow into a family and, overall, my time with the Unbreakable men was time well spent.

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