Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella

Alex and Ben finally have the life they always dreamed of. They are more in love than ever, their girls are healthy and thriving, and their foster son, Jamie, has been a great addition to their family. But life will throw these men major hurdles and when there is one more to overcome, Alex has to cope with keeping everyone together.

Safe Haven continues to follow Alex and Ben in the San Capistrano series. There aren’t many ongoing series that focus on only one couple and there is a comforting feeling to check back in with the men and their family, even when things don’t always go smoothly.

The book opens with Jamie testing boundaries and then a crisis that leads Alex to hold everyone together. It is a shorter book and going into too much detail would reveal too much of the storyline here. Alex and Ben both stay true to their characters throughout this entire series and their actions and reactions further develop and explore their relationship.

Some of the areas are the same and a little repetitive here, with the girls still being in similar phases and much of their interactions feeling repetitive to previous books. Overall, the book adds a new challenge to the lives of the men and this series has certainly showed how resilient they are and how much in love they are.

This series is still a good choice for an enduring love story. While the men experience challenges along the way, their bond remains special. There will be a new book coming out shortly for the men and I will once again look forward to checking in with Alex, Ben, and their extended family.

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