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Keenan is a bartender at Cowboys and Angels. He can’t stop thinking about the handsome man he met outside a strip club. On the day of his interview at the bar, he gets a surprise punch in the nose. Right after, his friend, Ramon, shows up at the bar with another man…the handsome man Keenan has been mooning over.

Detective Nate Gordon, new to the force, had hoped to see Keenan again, just not with a bloody nose. Nate’s attraction to Keenan is obvious. He wants to take Keenan to lunch, but Keenan doesn’t look so good, and at the same time, Nate gets a call from the station.

Nate doesn’t date. He had a terrible breakup back home, and he’s decided he won’t get hurt again. So, he has “hookups”…one and done. At first, Keenan is ok with that, but as time goes on, he realizes he wants a relationship. He’s tired of hooking up, and if that’s all Nate wants, Keenan has to let him go. He’s broken hearted, but he feels he has made the right decision. However, an event takes place that makes Keenan question that decision. Can the men come to realize they belong together? What’s in store for the future?

I’ve been with the Cowboys and Angels series from the beginning. I’ve enjoyed them very much, and Slow Dating the Detective is a well written third installment. I was not disappointed. Sue Brown always brings great characters, humor, community, and sweet but sexy chemistry between the MCs. It’s no different here, and this book was a pleasure to read.

As I mentioned, Keenan and Nate have an outstanding chemistry. Even though Nate continues to call their time together “hook ups,” it’s obvious the men are meant to be together. Even through the short time they’re not together, their love is still obvious. Their sexytimes are very sexy, but I also enjoy their conversations. The dialogue is nicely done. It’s not clunky, and even though this is a dialogue-centric novel, it’s not overwhelming. I like how I felt like I could actually hear their voices.

Slow Dating the Detective continues with the excellent cast of characters in the story. Everyone is connected in some way to Cowboys and Angels. Keenan’s family is charming and funny. They’re also very overprotective due to something that happened to him several years back. His mom and sisters are a little…to use the term we used to say back home…nibby. They want what’s best for him, but their concern is a tad much. All of these background characters play their roles perfectly. They’re important, but they’re not getting in the way of Keenan and Nate.

The story has a great pace. It’s written in the third person and the chapters flow well. It’s compelling and held my attention from beginning to end. I read it straight through with no stops. I didn’t want to stop. I was so immerged in the story, I wanted to know what was coming next in every new scene.

I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, but I’m sure you can tell Nate’s commitment phobia comes from a bad breakup. It’s sad, but I admit to getting a bit frustrated with him. He has the most wonderful man right in front of him, but he continues to call their times together “hook ups” rather than “dates.” I felt for Keenan when he made his decision. Thankfully, Nate comes around, leading to the HEA they (and we) deserve.

Slow Dating the Detective is the third installment of a series. I suppose you could read it as a stand alone. There is a bit of exposition where you could comfortably settle in, but I’m going to recommend you read the first two books of the series, Speed Dating the Boss and Secretly Dating the Lionmanbefore you pick this one up. This way, you can get the feel of the characters, the bar, and the way everyone interacts together. I can’t sell this book (and series) enough. They’re excellent books, and I definitely recommend you grab them.

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