Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Erik Josef is not where he wants to be. At forty-three, he is recently divorced, but he was supposed to spend the holidays in Tahiti. He had one more project to finish, but a major snowstorm has closed everything down and Erik is stranded in Buffalo, NY.

While waiting in the airport, Erik meets another stranded traveler, Seth Cobb. Seth is way too chatty for Erik and Erik is not in the mood to be nice. But the storm and a mix up at the hotel leads to Erik and Seth sharing a room. Erik doesn’t think he has anything in common with a man 10 years younger than him and in love with all things Christmas. But Seth wants nothing more than to warm Erik up and when Erik realizes he is attracted to a man, Erik must decide what he wants his life to look like now.

Snowstorms and Second Chances has a lot that would appeal to many readers. Erik and Seth are opposites and there is an age difference and they are stranded and have to share a room and then a bed and it’s set around the holidays.

Erik is not in a good mood as the book opens, and he was the kind of cranky that was more difficult for me to like. He wants to be on his vacation, yet he is stuck in snowstorm on a project he didn’t want to be on. Erik’s recently deceased father owned the hotel Erik is going to look at. No one knew he had owned the hotel for all these years as it was buried under a lot of paperwork and Erik has to decide what to do with it. We never do learn any more details about the hotel, why it was secretly owned, or exactly where it stood by the end of the book.

Erik and Seth are stranded together and I didn’t feel the chemistry between them as they were getting to know each other. Their conversations were slow and there was something missing for me. Once their relationship became physical, it did pick up as Seth was eager to show Erik everything in bed and Erik was extremely willing to explore his bisexuality for the first time. And once they got together, they were sweet and things seemed to click in place for them as characters, but there was still that element missing for me to keep me completely engaged with them.

This book is set at the same hotel as Snowflakes and Song Lyrics by Hank Edwards, and there is a brief crossover, but this would work fine on its own. The book makes reference to Hallmark movies and the story and the setting seemed to try to be that in a book form and if that style appeals to you, then you might want to give this one a try.