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Bass has just one chance to make it into the Corpse brotherhood and nothing is going to get in his way. Not the occasional queasy feeling he gets when he is doing the dirty work expected of him and certainly not the tuxedo-clad doctor, Tag, who answers an online booty call one rainy night. Bass has made it his life’s work to never have more than a one night stand here and there, but there’s something about the doc that gives him pause. When one of the brothers need medical attention, Bass decides to lure the doc with the promise of another night of rough sex to get him to the club hangout to fix up the guy. Little does Bass know that this will be the moment that everything begins to go sideways. His feelings for Tag that are developing despite his good sense, plus the boss looking at what Bass does just a bit too closely, has the man on edge and he needs all his wits about him if he’s going to get the revenge he so richly desires.

Tag is still reeling from the breakup with his cheating ex and has had his life on hold for the last two months hoping maybe they can patch things up. When he sees the man with the pretty young thing he left Tag for, the good doctor knows that things are well and truly over. So he grabs his phone and swipes right, deciding to meet up with the most delicious looking torso he can find on the app. When he meets Bass, Tag figures it’s just a one-time thing. The bad boy image, mixed with his sexy sarcasm, rings every one of Tag’s bells and despite his good sense, he finds himself wanting to see the biker again. But when Bass pulls him into the seedy and violent world he seems so enamored with, Tag is determined to never see the guy again. Too bad that Tag’s resolve crumbles the minute he lays eyes on Bass again.

Swipe by T.A. Moore is a non-stop action adventure filled with sex, violence, and two very hot men who appear to be polar opposites. This story never lets up—from tracking Bass’ entry into the biker gang and its seedy underbelly where drugs, gun running and more are the norm, to watching Tag let go of every sensible thought he has ever entertained to be with a guy whose life is one dangerous job after another, I was mesmerized by the fast moving plot. With more than one twist and turn, we find out exactly what motivates Bass to plunge into a lifestyle that will surely end badly for him. Revenge is definitely on the table, but there is so much more going on and that is what made this story just brilliant.

I really liked how Tag was not necessarily just a nice little doctor. He, too, had some edges to him and a past that molded him into someone who takes chances even when they are not the best choice to make. Bass and Tag together were smoking hot and the scenes of intimacy were so well done—it wasn’t just sex, it was a window into what both men grappled with when it came to their attraction for each other. Neither wanted to get drawn in, but slowly they both were and that made the story all the better.

Swipe has just about everything one could want in a bad-boy romance. The action was explosive, the relationship dangerous, and the men very, very hot. Buckle up for this one it is a wild ride that has a very satisfying outcome.

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