Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

Desmond has watched his three friends all find their fated mates, and now he is the last member of the Lonely Dragon’s Club left without a partner. While Desmond enjoys his quiet life, living on his own beautiful island and helping out at an animal rescue, he is definitely lonely. When a man washes up on the beach in front of Desmond’s house, he immediately realizes that this man could be his mate. But the lovely omega has no memory of who he is, not even his name.

When Jonah wakes up on the beach, he has no idea who he is or how he got there. All he knows is that there is a gorgeous, naked man helping him. When Desmond offers to bring Jonah to his house to recover, Jonah knows he should be more wary. But everything about Desmond is so calming and he instills confidence in Jonah that things will be ok. Desmond is so caring and loving and seems to put Jonah’s needs at the forefront. Jonah can’t remember his past, but he begins to wonder if he may be just as happy staying with Desmond.

Eventually, Jonah’s memories do come back, but that doesn’t change his feelings about Desmond, even as he learns that Desmond is actually a dragon shifter and he is Desmond’s mate. Jonah is happy with Desmond and a life together could be everything he has wanted. But Jonah’s past is not fully behind him and when it comes crashing into the present, it is going to take Desmond’s love and support to see Jonah through.

The Island Dragon’s Mate is the fourth (and apparently final) book in Silvia Violet’s Lonely Dragon’s Club series and I think it is my favorite of the set. While we do see all of our dragon couples here briefly, this story isn’t quite as connected as the other three, and I found the set up to be fun and fresh. As with all the books in the series, there is somewhat of a fantasy feel here, as the men are infatuated almost immediately, Jonah is able to easily accept Desmond is a dragon, and things are mostly smooth. But I think that works here for the tone of the book and the series, and there is a nice sense of escapism that I enjoyed. Desmond is wealthy, a bit arrogant, and used to getting what he wants, but he is also kind, caring, and super sweet. The amnesia storyline adds a nice element as Desmond struggles with his desire to keep Jonah with him forever, warring with his awareness that Jonah may have another life out there he can’t remember. The two of them are sweet and quickly fall for each other, and we get lots of lust and sex throughout the story.

The conflict comes primarily from Jonah’s past and the men dealing with a threat that comes his way. This sort of quickly appears and is easily resolved, so things are kept pretty light, even considering the subject matter (dealing with abuse of power and sexual manipulation, among other things). I think the resolution could have been developed a ltitle more, but this is a fairly short story and things felt in keeping with the overall tone.

I enjoyed getting a chance to reconnect with the other dragons and this book gives us a nice wrap up to all of their journeys. I think this story was a lot of fun and the overall series is enjoyable, particularly if you enjoy dragons or an mpreg omegaverse with a bit of a twist.

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