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Length: Short Story

Jonah made a big mistake being caught on camera in a compromising position. He had to give up his acting career in Dublin as a result of his ill-fated tryst, but still managed to get a part in a Christmas play opening in Sydney, Australia. If he can’t get a job at home, he may as well go abroad. It would be fun, or so Jonah thought. But Australia is in their ferociously hot summer season during that time and nothing could prepare the fair skinned Dubliner for the excessive heat or the surly housemate who met him at the airport.

Nick Claseman may defer to his sister on all things dramatic, but being her business partner shouldn’t mean he has to give up his privacy or his granny flat to some strange actor just to ensure their first business venture is a success. Plus, it’s the holidays and quite frankly since his ex was all about decorating, Nick can’t be bothered. Then he meets the Irishman who will be sharing his home and is affected by Jonah’s obvious glee over anything to do with Christmas and things begin to change. For one, the guy is pretty hot and Nick is more than interested, but given why Jonah has come to Sydney for a job, the idea of no strings sex may be a touchy subject.

Author Helena Stone has re-released her holiday story, Too Hot for Santa, just in time to please anyone who loves seeing a scrooge turn into a believer. Nick is your classic Ebenezer due to a rough break quite a while before Jonah ever arrives on the scene. Despite Nick’s grumpiness, Jonah is an infectious ball of energy who happens to love Christmas. He sees his time in Australia as a way to reinvent his career, which has taken a serious detour over a scandal that he never intended to happen. With little angst and lots of romance, Stone weaves a sweet story of second chances and happy ever afters.

While I wished for more of the future glimpse we get on these two guys at the end of this short story, I must say that there is something a little magical about Nick and Jonah finding love with each other. It’s fast and intense, but this is the perfect recipe for a light holiday tale and Stone hits the nail on the head.

Too Hot for Santa is a sexy and fun little book that will give many a smile and most likely fulfill anyone’s need for a bit of Christmas magic and romance.

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