Happy New Year! I hope you all are ushering in the new year with fun and festivities. We had our annual celebration with our group of family friends. This was our 19th year together and, as usual, we had a wonderful time.

I know these past couple of weeks have been crazy for romance land (and even longer for quite a number of authors). I don’t want to say we should all just move forward, because to do so ignores the pain and frustration that many people are still feeling. But I will say that I hope 2020 brings some peace and resolution for our community on many fronts.

From a blog standpoint, I am looking forward to continuing our reviews, as well as hosting authors on the blog. We have a team of amazing reviewers, without whom I could never keep this place running. I am not sure there is any way to convey the tireless work they put in to read and review so many books. So a huge thanks to Michelle, Kris, Kenna, Sammy, Sue, Veronica, Elizabeth, Camille, and Jovan for all that they do for the blog.

As we close out 2019, I thought it would be fun to do a little recap of how things went on Joyfully Jay this year, so I gathered some fun statistics. In 2019, we:

  • Reviewed 995 books (Jay topped out the schedule with 205 reviews)
  • Published our 10,000th post
  • Hosted over 250 guest posts

Looking back at our posts, here are our Top 5 most visited reviews:

  1. Confessions: Priest by Ella Frank
  2. Darkness Dawns by Zakarrie Clake
  3. Into the Gray by F.E. Feeley, Jr
  4. Forget I Told You by Tanya Chris
  5. The Art of Death by Bob Appavu

And our top 5 most visited guest posts:

  1. Sandy and Paul’s Gay Porno Adventure (free story) by T.J. Klune
  2. How to Run with Wolves by Eli Easton (cover reveal)
  3. Flash Rip by Keira Andrews (cover reveal)
  4. Snow Storm by Davidson King
  5. Straight Boy audiobook by Jay Bell (giveaway)

And our top 5 most visited other pages:

  1. Favorite Book Lists page
  2. Favorite Master/Slave Stories
  3. Jay’s Best of 2019
  4. Favorite Enemies to Lovers Stories
  5. In Loving Memory of Ethan Day


So that should wrap us up for 2019, and I am looking forward to sharing a great 2020 with you all!




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