Story Rating: 5 stars
Audio Rating: 4.5 stars

Narrator: Greg Boudreaux
Length: 11 hours, 54 minutes

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After the disaster in Boston, Alpha Team is slowly finding their way again. The bombing left Jamie’s father even more vulnerable politically, particularly as Jamie’s work with the MDF has given the appearance of impropriety that is negatively affecting his family as well. His father is pressuring Jamie to be more open about what was really going on, but Jamie refuses to compromise his mission or the security of the MDF. Fortunately, the bond between Jamie and Kyle continues to be strong. While they still can’t be public about their relationship, the men are committed to one another and planning for their future. Sean and Alexei had a harder time recovering from Boston, given the physical and emotional trauma they both suffered. But as the months have passed, both men have made a lot of progress, and they too are looking forward to a future together.

However, all four men, along with the rest of Alpha Team, are still facing the challenge of stopping old enemies that are continuing to threaten not just the safety of the country, but the Team personally. They know an attack is coming, and they are doing their best to be prepared. But when the final confrontation comes, it is worse than anyone had anticipated. Sean, Alexei, Jamie, and Kyle are fighting with everything they have, but they may not all make it out of this final mission alive.

In the Requiem is the fifth and final full-length book in Hailey Turner’s fabulous Metahuman Files series (plus three novellas). Turner does an amazing job here tying up the main suspense plot that has run through the series, as well as giving us satisfying HEAs for our two primary couples, Jamie and Kyle, and Alexei and Sean. Once again, we get a wonderful combination of suspense, action, and thrills, along with some great romantic and emotional moments for our couples.

The first four books in the series have been building to this final concentration and Turner doesn’t skimp on the intensity. I thought the battle scenes in In the Blood were incredible, and this story takes it up another notch. Everything is so exciting, so tense and terrifying, while at the same time being choreographed in a way that makes it easy to follow as a reader. Turner has done a great job building to this moment and it all comes together perfectly horribly. I loved how Turner brings in all the players here, from Alpha Team, to Jamie’s friend and fellow metahuman, Liam, to Matthew and his team, and gives us a chance to reconnect with this ensemble cast and see them all working together to bring down the bad guys. It is tense and exciting and just wonderfully done.

Even with all the excitement, the heart of this series has always been the relationships, both within the couples, and across Alpha Team, and they all get a chance to shine here. While Kyle and Jamie remain a bit more of the focus, we spend time with both couples as they reaffirm their love and commitment for one another. I love the way Turner has brought both these pairs to the forefront in the last two novels and I think it really enriches the story to see how both of the relationships are developing. As always, the romance is swoony and sexy. These men are all so full of heat and dominance and intensity. But there are also such tender moments, particularly as the group suffers a tragedy, and it is so nice to see how they all care for and take care of each other.

Turner pulls everything together really nicely here, wrapping things up well with the team. Without giving away details, we spend time at the end of the story closing things out and I think it really brings the series to a great resolution. Again, I particularly love how we see this full ensemble cast together and how Turner showcases what they all mean to each other. It is a really well-developed ending that just perfectly ties up this series.

As with all the books, I listened to this one in audio with narrator Greg Boudreaux. This is a large group of characters and, as always, Boudreaux does a great job differentiating them and keeping the voices consistent across the books. It is to his credit that I can clearly tell who is who among the major (and even most minor) players, given the large cast and how often conversations happen with many people at once. I was impressed how even the two Russian characters sound different from one another, which is a nice subtlety. My only nitpick is one that I have made before, and that is that Kyle’s Boston accent doesn’t seem to hold consistently. But other than that, I find this performance near perfect and listening to this series in audio has been a real highlight for me.

So I am sad to see the series come to an end, but I am thrilled with how well the story all comes together in this final installment. It was the perfect blend of exciting suspense and tender emotions. The story ties up wonderfully and there is a nice sense of resolution and closure. Fortunately, it is not all totally over as Turner has the novellas planned in audio coming soon. I will definitely be looking forward to reconnecting with the group in those books.

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