Today I am so pleased to welcome Tibby Armstrong and Bianca Sommerland to Joyfully Jay. Tibby and Bianca have come to talk to us about their latest release, Beyond Justice. They have also brought along an exclusive excerpt and a great giveaway. Please join me in giving them a big welcome!



Tibby: When we first thought up The Asylum as a place, did you immediately see the dual meaning in the name?

Bianca: Yes! When we were throwing around ideas for the series name and that came up, I knew it was possible for it to be taken as something negative. The idea of it being positive, being a haven, no matter how gritty and rough things could be there, made it absolutely perfect.

Tibby: We tossed around a few ideas for places the series might be located, but I think we always had a vision of Anniston Falls being a little bit industrial and out-of-the-way. If we hadn’t decided on Upstate New York, I’m not sure where we could have set it. What do you think the role of place plays in the series?

Bianca: I think where The Asylum is gives us so much to work with. Having characters coming from the big city, or growing up in areas that are more rural, or somewhere in between, as well as them being able to shift between these places can be tons of fun. The visuals, the atmosphere, is so different when they’re away from The Asylum. And when they’re in it there’s a feeling of being home.

Tibby: Home and family are big themes, particularly found family. How do the ties between the core characters surprise and inspire you as an author?

Bianca: I think having these characters building that kind of foundation between one another is amazing to explore and see develop through the series. You fall in love with these characters, and they go through hell, but knowing they have these amazing people in their corner, no matter what happens, is my favorite part. Also makes me feel a bit less guilty about being a very mean author God. 😉

Tibby: Well, yes. But you’re so good at it!

Bianca: We both are! Lol All right, so first question for you…If you were locked in any part of The Asylum for the night, where would you rather be?

Tibby: I’m assuming being chained to Lawson’s bed up in the lofts isn’t an option, so I’d go with the bar itself. The warmth of the wood and the endless supply of Reed’s goldschlager would presumably keep me cozy. Plus, there are all those comfy couches where the subs like to stake out their territory and gossip about the fights and the Doms. So…yeah. I’m going with the bar.

Bianca: Definitely sounds like a safer plan than getting stuck in the dungeon! Next question, whose loft would you most like to live in? (doesn’t have to be your favourite Dom’s place, but totally could be!)

Tibby: Who says I have a favorite Dom? *whistles innocently* Hm. That’s tough though. I mean, I’m not gonna give away what the inside of Doc’s loft looks like, because I’m a tease. Readers have to wait for his and Noah’s. So, going with Curtis or Reed’s or Lawson’s… I could happily live in Curtis’s because it’s a cozy combination of homey and extremely clean, or Reed’s for the endless supply of manga and lollipops, but I might have to go with Lawson’s because I love the scent of leather and cigars. The nice glassware for all that bourbon doesn’t hurt either!

Bianca: Last, but not least, we get Matt’s first impression of The Asylum in Flawed Justice (The Asylum Fight Club Book 1), but do you think yours would be different? If so, why?

Tibby: That’s a fascinating question. Matt is in the unique position of fitting in really well with The Asylum, but also being labeled Enemy #1 from the moment he walks in. It puts him on guard, while also allowing him to be extremely intrigued by what goes on in the very private space. I think I’d be looking for some serious sponsored protection before walking through those doors, but I already know what’s coming, so that’s not fair. And, hopefully, I wouldn’t piss off everyone within the first five minutes!

Bianca: Hard same! Lol We’ve both seen how much trouble the subs can get in, newbies or not! But it’s sooo worth it being there, whether they’re bad or good!

Tibby: Thanks for hanging out and chatting. I can’t wait to see what happens next! 

Stay tuned for Noah’s story, Hard Justice (The Asylum Fight Club Book 3), and Doc’s story, Cold Justice (The Asylum Fight Club Book 4), coming in February 2020 and April 2020.

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Plucking out the lollipop he’d covered in its wrapper and stuck in the pocket of Rhodey’s jacket, Reed peeled the plastic away and slipped the candy between his lips. He jumped as Curtis laughed.

Eyes shining, Curtis took hold of the stick and pulled the lollipop out of Reed’s mouth. Slicked it over Reed’s lips, then curved his hand around the back of Reed’s neck and drew him in for a deep kiss. He let out a pleased sigh. “There you are.”

Reed shifted on Curtis’s lap, straddling him. He groaned as Curtis continued sucking on his bottom lip, his tongue dipping in, tasting Reed’s mouth like he was the most delicious thing in the world. He pressed closer as Curtis’s hand moved down to cup his ass.

“Nope.” Rhodey’s amused voice sounded behind him. “Upstairs, kids.”

Curtis dropped his head back. “I get why you hated me calling you that. Jesus.”

Snickering, Reed took Curtis’s hand, leading him up the stairs and into the first bedroom. He stopped when Lawson looked up from where he was sitting on the edge of the bed, head in his hands. He gave them a stiff smile and stood.

“Sorry, I’ll take the other room with Doc—”

“Stay.” Curtis put his hand on the small of Reed’s back and urged him forward. “See for yourself that he’s okay.”

Lawson brushed his knuckles over Reed’s cheek as he knelt in front of him. His fingers went to the bandage on the side of his head. Met his eyes for a moment before shifting to Curtis’s. “Are you?”

“Well enough to take what I haven’t been able to win in a long time.” Curtis shoved Lawson back on the bed and climbed over him. “If you’re feeling generous.”

A smile tugged at Reed’s lips as Curtis roughly pulled Lawson’s shirt open, and he stood, tracing his fingers over the muscles of his man’s back as he indulged in the pure fucking joy of still being alive. He blinked as he noticed the design at the nape of Curtis’ neck, reaching down between his shoulder blades. A tattoo Curtis must have gotten while he was gone that Reed hadn’t noticed until now.

Brass knuckles and a dagger to represent The Asylum, embedded into a heart that bled over a bundle of reeds, bound by a whip. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to it, emotion locking his throat as Curtis stilled.

“You kept me with you.” Fuck, he was not going to cry again. But his laugh came out broken by a sob as Curtis lifted him onto the bed to sit beside where Lawson lay. “I thought you abandoned me. That I was alone again, but—”

“Never.” Curtis grabbed the zipper of the jacket Reed still wore, tugging it down completely before shoving it off his shoulders. “I would never do that to you.”

“I know that now.”

“Mhmm.” He climbed off Lawson and a conspiratorial glance passed between them. “We have some time. I believe I’ll use it to make sure you never forget.”

Reed’s eyes widened as Lawson latched on to his wrists and drew them up over his head. “But you two can—”

“And will.” Curtis gave him a wicked grin before tasting his lips. “I think I’ll celebrate not being dead by making sure my old man is spinning in his grave for a very long time.”

“I like that idea.”

“I thought you would.” Curtis pulled out his wallet, tugging out a long strip of condoms and two small packs of lube.

By the time he and Lawson had spent the most intense burst of energy on torturing him until his throat was raw, every bone in Reed’s body had gone liquid. Some time later, he finally woke from the deepest sleep he’d ever had, content to stay right where he was even as the sun glared between the boards on the windows, telling him it was probably midday.

At either side of him, Curtis and Lawson slept heavily and he slit his eyes open to watch the rise and fall of Curtis’s chest. He brought his hand up and placed it over Curtis’s heart. Pressed his lips to his shoulder.

“Wake him up.” Lawson’s tone was hoarse as he kissed the side of Reed’s neck. “There’s not much time left.”

Reed hissed in a breath at the pressure against his oversensitized ass. “You can fuck me when we get home, you know that, right?”

Lawson chuckled. “But he only has this one chance to fuck me. Unless he’d like to challenge me again. I’ll enjoy taking control of you both.”

“How the fuck is Matt ever able to walk?” Reed relaxed as Lawson stretched him, so fucking slowly, with languid, shallow thrusts that teased him until he whimpered, hand fisted on Curtis’s chest. He hissed in a breath as he tried to shove back and take Lawson deeper and the man gripped his hips, holding him still. “Evil fucker.”

He yelped at the solid smack on his thigh, but Curtis still didn’t stir.

“Please…” Reed moaned as Lawson slipped away, then eased in, only the head of his dick penetrating before he withdrew again. “Lawson…”

A thumb pressed into his mouth and he sucked on it, recognizing Curtis’s taste. His already painfully hard dick giving a desperate twitch when he opened his eyes and Curtis gave him a lazy smile. “Need some help?”

“Or revenge?” Reed gasped as Lawson turned him, spreading his cheeks open wide to continue his sadistic onslaught. “Oh god, that’s—”

“Sexy as fuck.” Curtis lifted on one elbow, shoving the sheets aside and fisting his own dick, stroking it. He looked up at Lawson. “You used the last of the lube on me.”

With a throaty growl that told Reed his actions were testing his restraint as much as they were testing Reed’s, Lawson pulled Curtis close by the back of his neck. “Improvise.”

Climbing out of the bed, Curtis walked right out of the room, giving either Rhodey or Doc a cheerful greeting as he trod naked to the bathroom across the hall. He returned with a bottle of conditioner.

“This is what I used the first time, when I snuck into the shower with you.” His lips curved as his eyes took on a far off look. “Noah wouldn’t let us fool around alone. He thought we’d kill one another.”

“He had reason to worry. I’ll be tempted if you don’t hurry the fuck up.”

 Pouring some conditioner into his palm, Curtis used it to slick himself up, leaning down to kiss Reed, speaking softly. “Hang on. Things are about to get rough.”

Positioned behind Lawson, Curtis wasted no time preparing him, and with the sharp slap of skin on skin, drove Lawson deep into Reed. The sounds, the heavy scent of sex that would likely fill this room long after the ghosts that hid here returned, sent Reed into the zone he’d been happy to lose himself to all night. And would be happy to escape to for the rest of his life.

The tattoo, every ache, the heat surrounding him, reminded him of the security and belonging he’d been craving for so fucking long. Sex was good, the pain turned to pleasure with every bite, with the way his body was used over and over again, but it meant more here and now than it had when he’d been searching for a way to fill the emptiness before.

He was Curtis’s boy. He was part of what Curtis had built with the man between them. And it would always be there, waiting for them. Not just a building, the connection was there no matter where they went. Or whatever distance was forced between them.

The foundation was what they would always share.

And it was stronger than ever.


Raised and trained by The Asylum Fight Club’s most infamous owner, Reed Dane is almost untouchable. Might sound dope, but there are disadvantages to his ‘privileged’ status. His guardian’s reputation makes a serious relationship impossible—turns out the club’s members are addicted to breathing—and the one man Reed truly wants sees him only as a stray his former lover brought home.

An endless string of one-night stands lacks the intimacy Reed craves, but at least edgy post-fight hookups distract him from what he’ll never have. Until he takes a wrecking ball to the walls that set him apart.

Curtis Smith is a lot of things—MMA fighter, club owner…son of a drug lord—but one thing he’s not is prepared to face temptation exploding past his carefully built boundaries. Reed is forbidden, to him most of all, but resisting what they both want becomes impossible with the sub challenging him at every turn. And with his past threatening everything The Asylum has been built to protect, Curtis can’t afford to be addicted to Reed’s brand of candy coated sin.

He can’t deny himself one taste before his stolen time runs out. Because when it does, all that will be left behind for Reed is a memory…

And his heart.


Bianca Sommerland is the USA Today Bestselling author of The Dartmouth Cobras series. Tibby Armstrong is the author of the acclaimed Hollywood series. Together they’ve created the breathtaking and brutal world of The Asylum Fight Club. A place where men live and love by their fists, and ropes are for more than just the ring.


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