Today I am so pleased to welcome KM Neuhold to Joyfully Jay. KM has come to talk to us about her latest release, Unexpected (Inked series book 3). Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

Why I Love to Write Poly Romances

I’ve been writing MM romance for a few years now, and over the past few months I’ve really started to think more about some of my strategies and how to write books that sell better. I’ve learned a lot about writing to the biggest market possible and taken a lot of things to heart. But there’s one area that no matter what the market says, I won’t stop writing. Ployam romance!!! Also known as MMM(+), basically as many men as I can cram into a story falling in love!

As a rule, polyam romance never sells quite as well because there are some people who see multiple partners as inherently hurtful or even falling into the category of cheating. This is exactly one of the reasons why it’s so important to me that I keep writing it. Yes, polyamory can be practiced in a hurtful or unethical way, but there are also SO many people in real life who have wonderful, loving, fulfilling relationships with multiple partners. It’s these people who I want to represent in my MMM(+) stories. One of the things that originally drew me to writing MM in the first place was the idea that there might be people out there who pick up these books and have their eyes opened to how normal and loving same sex relationships can be. I want the same thing for polyamorous relationships. If there’s a single reader who picks up one of my MMM(+) stories and sees non-monogamous relationships in a new light, then I’m happy.

In addition to wanting to represent these types of relationships in a positive light, they’re also SO much fun to write!! I’ve written over 30 stories at this point (most full length novels, some short stories) and as much as I absolutely love every single story I write, sometimes I need to spice things up for myself. The additional challenge of bringing a third or forth partner into the mix in a believable way keeps me excited to write every day. I’ve written six MMM stories so far, and all six have different relationship dynamics.

Writing polyam love stories is my happy place. If you’ve ever been wary of how a relationship with multiple partners might look, or if there’s a lot of jealousy or hurt feelings in these books, give one of mine a try and I guarantee you’ll be surprised by what you find!

Don’t miss my latest MMM release, Unexpected (Inked, 3) available now! And keep an eye out for an MMMM I’m currently working on that I hope to have ready for release sometime in March!


Kyle needed a place to stay, he never thought it would turn into so much more.

So, your gorgeous boss, Maverick, and his yummy husband, Ari, are letting you stay with them while you get back on your feet? Here are a few simple tips:

Don’t call his husband Daddy. I know it’ll be difficult, but seriously, don’t.

Don’t leave a pair of red, lacy panties in their bed.

If you hear interesting noises from their bedroom in the middle of the night, don’t peek in. Don’t.

And most importantly, don’t fall in love.

Follow these tips and everything should go as expected.

**This book is the third book in the Inked series, which is a spin-off of the Heathens Ink series, but it CAN be read as a stand-alone. Unexpected is a super sweet, steamy MMM story with low angst and very light Daddy kink.


Author K.M.Neuhold is a complete romance junkie, a total sap in every way. She started her journey as an author in new adult, MF romance, but after a chance reading of an MM book she was completely hooked on everything about lovely- and sometimes damaged- men finding their Happily Ever After together. She has a strong passion for writing characters with a lot of heart and soul, and a bit of humor as well. And she fully admits that her OCD tendencies of making sure every side character has a full backstory will likely always lead to every book having a spin-off or series. When she’s not writing she’s a lion tamer, an astronaut, and a superhero…just kidding, she’s likely watching Netflix and snuggling with her husky while her amazing husband brings her coffee.

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