Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Devon celebrated a bit too much. That champagne was to blame—certainly not his libido or the fact that he found Caiden Dell the most gorgeous thing on two feet. Yes, chalk this one—standing naked in the man’s bathroom–strictly up to intoxication…and lust…and maybe, just maybe, deeper feelings than Devon should ever admit aloud. That’s because Caiden is not boyfriend material, but instead strictly a hook-up that is lasting far longer than one night. But he is also now Devon’s boss, since he offered and Devon accepted an internship with the man’s production company. It is all so confusing and Devon doesn’t really know what to think other than he has two weeks to be with the man he is rapidly falling in love with and that, right there, is a real nightmare or dream come true depending on your perspective.

V.L. Locey has returned with more from Bryant Park. Fade In is part of the Tales of Bryant series and I will be front and center for more stories like this one. Those who read Tales of Bryant starring Brian and Isamu will remember Isamu’s friend, Devon, who they had staying with them when poor Devon was thrown out of his home and cut off financially by his parents. He stepped in to help with their wedding and, after indulging in too much champagne, apparently went home with Isamu’s boss, Caiden.

Caiden is your classic power bottom and Devon is happy to oblige him. That leads to Devon landing a job as an intern while on semester break from CUNY film school and then to practically living with Caiden in the last two weeks of one production’s shoot and the start of the next. The problem is the next film is being done in Nevada—and Caiden is commitment shy and Devon is in love and broke and unsure as to whether Caiden is being nice to him just because of the sex and it’s all basically a big mess.

Honestly, between the side characters of Adrian (the flaming caterer) and Luis (Caiden’s butler extraordinaire), I was laughing so hard I nearly cried. I really enjoyed this novel. From the sometimes serious to wonderfully whimsical romance that develops between Devon and Caiden and the way in which Brian deliberately screws up Caiden’s name because he doesn’t like that Isamu insists on working with the man, it was a real joy reading this novella. Yes, this was pretty much insta-love and the ending was swift and neatly tied up, but the fun in getting there was worth it all. This group of characters that V.L. Locey has created mesh so well together and their stories are so easy to enjoy. No big angst, happy endings, and lots of laugh make this new series one to watch. I can’t wait for the next installment.