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Length: Novel

Grey is a guardian, and Si has always thought he is half fae and half human, and the pair are driving themselves crazy with wanting each other. Grey can’t keep his eyes off of Si, especially when Si is dancing, and Si smells so good to Grey. Well, all fairies do, but Si gets to him like no other. Si can’t control his glamour and every time he tries to use it, chaos follows. However, Grey’s believes his energy can harm Si’s glamour so he knows he can’t get too close to Si.

They both work at a school designed to keep magical children safe, but they discover that the Veil that shields them from harm from humans is thinning and they need to fix it. But Si doesn’t have the right magic and Grey doesn’t know all that much about the world in which he is currently living. After a night out exposes Grey to some truths, Si and Grey realize there is so much they weren’t aware of and the school and their lives depend on them staying united.

Suki Fleet is one of my favorite authors and I have read many of her books. This book was unlike any of her others for several reasons and it’s tough to say that this really didn’t work for me. I haven’t read any other full paranormal books by Fleet and, while I had the feeling that she knew the world well in which the story took place, it was not translated well to the page.

The attraction that Grey has for Si is seen immediately as the book opens. We know that Grey is a guardian and Si is half fae and Grey has been longing for Si since he has known him. Grey and Si both work for a school where there are magical children and there is a Veil around the school that shields it from humans. An incident during a night out leads them to Jaime who plays a role here, but after that it is all a little unclear for me.

The world building did not have a solid foundation. We learn that the Veil around the school is thinning, which would expose everyone there, and the idea is to figure out how to stop that. There is an obvious bad guy here, but his character or motives are never explored and neither are the students at the school and we aren’t told what kind of magical beings they are or anything further about the school. We are given a lot of information during the course of the book, but I’m not sure it was the right information to have a solid understanding of this world.

Grey and Si are mates and are meant to be together, but there were too many other questions for me to be able to enjoy them fully. The idea is that Grey and Si are more than they were ever led to believe, but even when they are able to ask questions, they are told that not all questions are meant to be answered and it came off as an undeveloped and amateurish answer and I needed some information. There were three points of view here with Grey, Si, and Jaime and, while it was always clear whose POV we were in, it just added more layers and more questions that went unanswered. Suki’s words and phrases are always the highlight of her writing for me and I often stop and retrace her words, but that didn’t happen here. This book is definitely lighter than any of her other work, and while the book does not end with a cliffhanger, this story is far from over as the characters still have a lot more to do. Sadly, not my favorite effort from a favorite author.

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