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Length: Novel

Billy Walsh’s life is in a definite slump. He isn’t particularly fond of his job, though the actual act of being a social worker for elderly folks is fulfilling, and his mother is dying. When Billy literally runs into Daniel at the hospital, things seem to be looking up. Daniel is sweet and caring, and their relationship seems to be right for them both.

But Billy’s ex is making waves, and Daniel has secrets all his own. On top of that, one of Billy’s new clients, Chuck, is a grumpy American who doesn’t care much for his own well being. A day out to celebrate Chuck’s birthday introduces a new level to the man. It seems Chuck has his own secrets too.

Daniel and Billy may seem perfect for each other, but they are only starting their love story. With so many things seeming to try and pull them apart, can they find their happily ever after?

The blurb on this book makes it seem like we’re going to get a story about two young men helping an older man find his love again. That is not what happens. In fact, that’s only a small portion of the plot line as a whole, and it’s much more Daniel’s efforts than he and Billy working together. So right off the bat, I have to say that the blurb is not a good representation of the story within.

However, I liked this book, even if it had some obvious flaws. Billy is downtrodden and in a slump. His acting career has stalled out, mostly because he had to stop taking parts when his mother became ill. He likes his job, even if he’s overworked and his boss is terrible. But he’s definitely stuck in a rut and he needs something to shake him loose.

Daniel is just that something. But to be bluntly honest, I wasn’t quite sure what drew these two men together. Yes, there was a spark of chemistry. But Daniel keeps a couple of big things from Billy. And while he has his reasons, and they make sense, the way they were revealed and then the ultimate resolutions felt rushed and incomplete. I just couldn’t get totally behind their love story, especially not with the way Daniel seems to act.

And then there’s the Chuck storyline. As much a I enjoyed that aspect, I was expecting so much more from it based on the blurb. In the end, it only took up a small amount of page time and then we ended up getting a quick resolution. The reason it was unsatisfying is that it had been played up, and then not to see it first hand really made it lose its impact.

This book is largely told from Billy’s POV, which was great, as it’s really his story to tell. But there were a few chapters that were from Daniel’s POV and it didn’t fit well for me. If we had gotten more from Daniel, if it was a true dual POV, then it would have made more sense. But when we were in Daniel’s head, we weren’t there long enough for us to really get into the right frame of mind and it was simply a tease. For me, it would have worked better if we stayed solely with Billy. And I’m not entirely sure as it wasn’t very clear, but there was one part of a chapter where we were in Billy’s mother’s POV. As a reader, this kind of head hopping pulls me from the story. Though it does explain why we didn’t get a more satisfactory conclusion for Chuck, as we would have had to be in his POV to get it. On the other hand, since the author didn’t have a problem hopping around in other instances, I was even more baffled why we only got a telling of it after the fact.

So all in all, I liked the characters a lot, especially Billy, Chuck, and Maggie (a well done secondary character). I would have liked to be able to understand Daniel better so that I could get more firmly behind Billy and Daniel’s romance. The narrative got a little choppy at times, but the pacing overall was good. I’d cautiously recommend this to one, but just don’t rely too heavily on the blurb.

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