Rating: 2.5 stars
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Length: Short Story

Curtis may write horror stories for a living, but he hardly wants to live them. However, the ghostly presence that haunts his apartment has other ideas.

There’s a reason Aaron Carmichael is still on this side of the earthly realm and it has to do with his untimely murder. Unfortunately, he can’t remember any of the details, just that whoever did it was known to him and never discovered. Now, he needs Curtis’ help solving the mystery surrounding his death. The pair enlist the help of Aaron’s former boyfriend, Robbie, to try to find the killer so that Aaron’s spirit can finally be at peace.

Shawn Lane has rereleased the short story, Lost Between, a paranormal hurt/comfort romance with some decidedly odd twists and turns. I say odd primarily because at one point, more than just Curtis inhabits his body and the scene that follows can either be considered ménage or not—I’m frankly not sure what it was, just that, for me, it was a little disturbing and confusing. The confusion sprung from not being certain just who was initiating any given moment in the intimate scene with Robbie. At first, I thought it was Aaron using Curtis’ body, but as it went on, it got less and less clear who was doing the seducing. I suppose this was deliberate on the part of the author since the whole idea was to establish a relationship between Robbie and Curtis eventually, but it just felt all kinds of wrong to me.

What did work here was the deep sadness Aaron felt over not being with Robbie anymore and over his lost life. It was so kind of Curtis to take on solving the question as to who killed Aaron so that the poor soul could find his final rest. Had there been more time taken in developing the characters of both Robbie and Curtis, I think this review would sound much different. Instead, we got only snippets of who they were simply due to the fact that the story focused on discovering the murderer first and foremost, hence, the romance felt like an afterthought. Then there was a hasty epilogue tagged on at the end so that we could have a happy ever after.

Curtis, Robbie, and Aaron were all lovely characters and I wish the author had taken the time to expand this story prior to re-releasing it. This short story was a great premise for a full length novel, in my opinion, and the bare bones of a solid plot were present and ready for all the expansion and window dressing needed to make it a really good paranormal love story. Instead, we got half the novel it could have been with too many gaps to fully enjoy it. That was unfortunate, since I think this could have been a real success given more page time.

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