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Length: Novel

Omega Reimagined in a compilation of the first three books in Tanya Chris’ Omega Reimagined series: Omega Reclaimed, Omega Revealed, and Omega Released. The books are all previously published and this version combines them together into one volume, but the stories themselves have not changed. I read Omega Released back in April, but I missed the first two books, so I thought I’d go back and catch them now that this volume is being released and additional stories are coming out this year.

Omega Reclaimed

When Angel smells an omega all alone and suffering through heat, he can’t help but be drawn to him. Angel finds the omega, hoping to provide some support and comfort, but Leo is clear he is not interested in just platonic help. He needs Angel and wants him now. When the craziness of heat recedes, the men realize that they quite like one another and want to continue seeing each other. Neither is interested in forming a traditional alpha/omega bond, however. Angel left his former pack because he was unhappy with the traditional roles and expectations, particularly the way the omegas were thought of almost as property of their alpha. He doesn’t want a relationship with that kind of foundation for himself. And Leo escaped his own pack and an abusive alpha. Even if he could mate with another alpha now that he has been claimed, he is wary of that type of connection. The men are happy to just enjoy one another, but Leo’s heats are coming increasingly quickly, and something is clearly wrong. Now both the men are forced to face their pasts in order to be able to move forward together.

This first story in the series lays the foundation nicely for Tanya Chris’ world building, and really establishes the politics and social climate that play out as the series continues. Omegas are definitely treated as inferior, essentially owned by their alphas who have free rein to “discipline” them as desired. We see how Leo, trapped in an abusive relationship, had no recourse other than to run. And as we learn more about Angel’s past, it is clear that his pack, too, has traditional ideas that make him uncomfortable. This story sets up their attempt to challenge some of those old ways and show two men committed to one another, but also determined to run their relationship on their own terms. This book is quite sex heavy, as Leo spends a lot of time in heat. So there is definitely a lot of hot and heavy going on here, but there is also enough substance that I could believe in the emotional connection between the men and that there is more to them than just the lures of heat. I think this book is a great start to the series and sets things up nicely for the future books.

Omega Revealed

All Gage wants is the life of a traditional omega, taking care of a home and his alpha. But though Gage knows he is truly an omega, his scent identifies him as a beta to other wolves. Constantly being misidentified by scent has led Gage to live with humans, instead of fellow wolves. When Gage arrives in the Northern Pack territory, hoping to help his sister settle there, he meets Ryker, the sexy, alpha immigration officer. Ryker is exactly the kind of dominant alpha wolf that Gage dreams about, and when Ryker seems to understand that Gage is truly an omega and not the beta he appears, it gives Gage the support and validation he never thought he would receive. The two can barely keep their hands off each other, finding themselves not only sexually compatible, but also completely in sync with their desire to live according to more traditional alpha/omega roles. But even though the Northern Pack is far more progressive than other packs, Gage knows it will be still be impossible for him to be fully accepted as an omega. As much as he would like to stay with Ryker for good, it is just too painful. But Ryker is determined not to give up on Gage, and with a little help, the men might just be able to make their dreams come true.

Omega Revealed is in some ways the other side of the coin of the first story in this collection. While Leo and Angel were an alpha and omega who avoided being forced into traditional caste roles, Gage and Ryker very much want them, but don’t know it is something they can really have. Ryker recognizes he has very traditional desires, and is determined never to force an omega into that more subservient role. He doubts he can ever find a partner who wants the same thing he does. Gage definitely is looking for this same traditional alpha/omega dynamic, but with others identifying him as a beta, he doesn’t think he can have it. The story also obviously addresses issues of gender identity, presenting them through the expected caste roles that leave Gage struggling against the person he knows himself to be, versus how others perceive him. This second story is pretty heavy on sex and shorter on plot than the first; most of the focus is on the men exploring all their sexy fantasies together. But is also continues to expand the world building, as well as to show the progress Angel’s pack has already made in the face of his efforts to create a more egalitarian society.

Omega Released

As I said above, I read Omega Released prior to picking up this collection, so I read them out of order. I did a full review of that story, so I am not going to repeat it here. However, having read the first two books now, I can see more clearly how that story fits into the larger world building, as well as the series themes. There we see Benjy coming to North Leland and learning about the contrast between their more progressive pack and his own, as well as getting a story of two omegas falling for one another in a non-traditional union.


Overall, I enjoyed this first volume of the Omega Reimagined series. The stories are all super sexy, but there’s also enough world building and larger issues explored to give the books a nice substance. If you are looking for an omegaverse world, particularly one with no mpreg elements, this series is a nice choice. I am looking forward to the release of additional books coming soon.