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As a surgeon, Grant Anderson’s job is hard enough, but when his ex starts showing up to the hospital three times a week, it certainly doesn’t make anything easier. Grant is acerbic and impatient and doesn’t do “love,” but he might have, once, with Leo. The man broke his heart though and dealing with him now initially seems like a punishment.

Life hasn’t been easy for Leo since he left six years ago. He survived a heart transplant and adopted his addicted sister’s baby. Now he’s back home, with his kidneys deteriorating and his irrepressible daughter, Lucky, in tow.

Fate seems to have given Grant and Leo a second chance, but the reality of Leo’s frail and failing health is a permanent cloud over their happiness. With everything to lose, Grant and Leo must enjoy the time they have and hope luck stays on their side.

Stay Lucky is a re-release by Leta Blake, who originally published this under the pen name Halsey Harlow. It’s a reunion story between two men who were clearly made for one another. Grant is the more defined of the two characters and his gruffness is charming. He’s blunt and rude and, of course, it’s all a mask for the wounded man beneath. I love this type of character and given his history, Grant is surprisingly functional. Leo is a little harder to read. He’s a sweet guy whose had a helluva rough time, but he left the beginnings of something real with Grant for a pie in the sky romance. But I don’t feel like we know much more about him. He’s defined by his illness and, as a result, is nearly minimized. It would have been nice to see more character development beyond his health problems. I did appreciate that Leo was honest about his sexual hurdles and that he and Grant were worked together to overcome them. There was no pressure from Grant and this aspect of their relationship felt natural.

Stay Lucky has an unusual format in that the past and present action takes place via alternate chapters. So we are flipping back and forth between their reunion and Leo’s current health crisis. While I appreciate this unique take (and some readers may love it), it made the story unnecessarily jarring and chaotic. Had it laid out in a more linear fashion, I think the pacing and overall flow would have been smoother. Additionally, we’re told a bit of the initial relationship between Grant and Leo, but I think this needed more fleshing out to make the story feel more complete.

Stay Lucky is definitely a sweet story with a smattering of angst and family conflict. I think most readers are going to find a lot to like here. I felt the overall story structure was a bit chaotic and the backstory needed some bolstering, but on the whole Stay Lucky was thoroughly enjoyable.

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