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Length: Novel

Shay is making the kind of music he has always wanted to create. His folk-rock band is on tour and Shay is about to find out where he came from. In a distracted moment, Shay gave the okay to be part of a documentary tracing his family’s roots. However, Shay is adopted and had no idea they meant his biological family.

Ollie is a filmmaker and a researcher. He currently knows more about Shay than Shay himself knows and whether Shay wants to or not, he’s going to find out all about his biological past.

The men have a unique chemistry and naturally gravitate towards each other, but Ollie is hiding secrets of his own and scars that he won’t allow anyone to see. Being on the road triggers all of Ollie’s fears and being on a full tour bus is hardly the place to start a romance. But while Ollie may hold the secrets of Shay’s past, Shay may be Ollie’s future.

I seriously love getting a new book from Garrett Leigh. Her characters and dialogue are always excellent and the atmosphere is smooth and comforting, even though her characters are always struggling in some way. It is a balance that sounds impossible to achieve.

Shay is the front man for his band and his talents include singing and songwriting and playing a wide variety of instruments. He’s a musician to his core and his vibe sets the tone for his indie band. But although Shay may look the part, it’s his diabetes that sometimes keeps him from getting completely out of control, but his insulin calculations sometimes tell a different story.

Ollie was making a name for himself in the filmmaking world and then disappeared. We are only given a few indications early on as to what happened to him and his story is teased out over a good portion of the book. We do know that touch can hurt him and being in a moving vehicle can trigger him, so being on a tour bus affects his day to day emotions. We also know that while Ollie’s attracted to Shay, he’s with the band to work. But the men have a special sense when it comes to the other. Shay instinctively knows if Ollie is in a room and when the men are near each other, it’s natural for them to need to be as close to the other as they can under the circumstances, knees pressed together under the table or shoulders touching, until the kiss of lifetime further ramps up their desire.

The rest of the story was a little too subdued for my tastes. The story of Shay learning his roots sounded interesting, but the reality of it took too long to get through with less impact than I imagined for the buildup. Ollie starts back in the 1600s with Shay’s ancestors and as the story stopped and started, it lost momentum. Ollie’s story, as well, had a big buildup and had taken over his life only for him to then get long needed assistance easily and he was able to work through years of issues in days. The overall plot held my attention, but I will admit to being a little let down with the end result of the larger story.

Shay and Ollie are magic together and their moments throughout the book made the story for me. I will once again be looking for the next offering from Garrett Leigh.

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