Today I am so pleased to welcome Jacqueline Grey to Joyfully Jay. Jacqueline has come to talk to us about her latest release, Tricks and Bids. She has also brought along a great tour wide giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


As the release date for Tricks and Bids nears, I must admit I’m a little sad. This is the rerelease of the first book I had published, and it is bringing back memories of how it came to be, and the experience of first seeing my name “in print.” More than that, it is reminding me of my mother who passed away June 30th of last year.

My mother was one of my closest friends and biggest supporters. I think she was more excited about me becoming a published author when it happened than I was, and that had always been a dream of mine.

Since I could remember I had always wanted to be an author, but my focus was on fantasy. To be honest, I started writing romance as a writing exercise. I had been stuck with my fantasy ideas and reading a lot of romance at the time. Some characters came into my head, and I thought “why not give a different genre a try?” As soon as I finished, a second book started flowing and that was Tricks and Bids which is releasing next week. This “writing exercise” of mine doesn’t look to be ending any time soon as I have also published a modern-day fairy-tale romance called Ghost House, and I have about four other series in mind for the future. Some of those idea are fantasies, so I didn’t abandon my original plan completely.

When Tricks and Bids first came out, I knew I had to tell my mother, but how was I to tell her that instead of publishing a fantasy novel I had written a kinky, contemporary erotic romance? I shouldn’t have worried. Any time someone would ask her how she felt about the genre of my books her response would be “it didn’t surprise me at all.” I suppose that says a lot about me and the things I’m interested in.

Being my mother, she took it as her duty to read all three books in the Suit of Harte’s trilogy. I didn’t try to stop her even though we both knew it wasn’t her type of book. Buying and reading my books was one of the many ways she wanted to show her support for me. She’d be honest about her opinions though. She would say that even though they weren’t her thing, she thought they were well written. She’d tell me which book she liked best and which she thought wasn’t as good. It makes me wonder what she’d think of the revised version of Tricks and Bids. Although the bulk of the story hasn’t changed there have been improvements.

When it comes to my writing, my mother’s death affected me more than I realized.  I didn’t just lose my #1 fan; I lost my creative brain as well. Although I tried a few times, I haven’t been able to write until this past month.  Finally, the last week in January I sat down and wrote 400 words. It wasn’t much, but they were words I was satisfied with and that felt like a great accomplishment. The following week the creative juices in my brain started flowing again. It is a sensation I had greatly missed.  I have never felt like I was truly living unless I was creating something.  When I don’t have that inspiration, I feel like something vital in my life is missing.

You could say that last year I lost two vital parts of my life. I am happy to say that one is returning, and I look forward to bringing new books to readers soon, but I know that the other part isn’t truly gone either.  My mother is still with me.  She is watching over me and is proud of what I’m writing.  She’s looking forward to what I will create next and in no way will she ever be surprised by what it is.



When Michael Nole propositions Dillon Spade outside a BDSM club one evening, all he is looking for is a potential client and a little kink. He gets much more than he bargained for. As a prostitute, Michael enjoys sex but keeps an emotional distance between himself and the men he sleeps with. His priority is to keep himself safe, but after a night in Dillon’s bed, he finds the line between enjoyment and occupation blurring.

Dillon hasn’t taken another man home since his previous lover passed away six years ago, but there is something about Michael that calls to his inner Dominant in a way he cannot resist. His instincts want to claim the boy even as he reminds himself that he is only paying Michael for temporary company.

Their relationship may have started as a business transaction, but it’s difficult to remain professional when breaking all the rules.


Jacqueline Grey currently lives on an island on the east coast of the United States. She spends her time outside her day job juggling her many interests which include reading, writing and drinking tea. She loves M/M romance, usually focusing on stories that include BDSM themes to one degree or another.

Jacqueline has always been driven by characters. She loves a good plot, but it’s the characters that pull her into a story. She loves romance and believes everyone has a right to be happy. She enjoys seeing her characters find that happiness for themselves.


Jacqueline has brought a $10 NineStar Press gift card to give away to one lucky reader on her tour. Follow the Rafflecopter below to enter. 

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