Today I am so pleased to welcome Genevive Chamblee to Joyfully Jay. Genevive has come to talk to us about her latest release, Ice Gladiators. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


Ask an author what is the most frustrating thing about being a writer, and he/she likely will say that people devalue the profession and think anyone can do it. Writing is a very difficult and complex discipline. The really good writers only make it appear simple. It’s a job, craft, and skill like any other means of employment. There is a difference between someone who writes as a hobby and a professional writer. When a person makes a living from writing, he/she must put in as much time and effort as a traditional nine-to-five job, even if they work a day job. Basically, those writers have two jobs, and they must find ways to divide their time to give their writing adequate attention.

No, writing isn’t like a job that requires physical labor. That doesn’t not make it less of a job. Most accountants, attorneys, and computer software developers aren’t required to perform extraneous physical labor. Yet, their jobs are very real. Books aren’t going to write and edit themselves. It takes time, self-motivation, flexibility, and the ability to wear multiple hats. Many people begin writing a book but never finish, and many more proclaim they will write a book but never start.

Writing is an art like painting, dancing, acting, or singing. I like to think of it as the outward illustration of creativity that has been shaped and developed either formally or informally. I write because I enjoy storytelling and entertaining others. I love bringing smile, giggle, or even cause a person to blush. In a world where so much goes wrong and many negative events headline the news, I enjoy being a part that brings a sliver of happiness. I had one beta to tell me my character was an expiative and she hated him. I howled with laughter and did an air fist-pump. This brought me so much job because it meant I had gotten it right. The character was intended to be dislikable. He was the antagonist. The reason she disliked him was because of his actions towards the protagonist, which meant she was relating and sympathetic to the main character. My writing provoked emotion in her. That is a writer’s success. There is no better feeling and makes all the frustrations associated with writing worth it.

Another thrilling aspect about being a writer is being able to meet the readers. Oh, I know this may sound cliché, but for me, it really is the most. This is such an awesome experience that I can’t express it in words. I’m an extrovert; thus, I enjoy meeting people any day of the week. Meeting fellow booklovers is amazing. Each reader has a different experience. It is exciting to hear how each has interpreted a story and hearing their stories. When readers communicate the types of stories that they want me to tell, the connection allows me to become an improved writer in the future. After the release of Defending the Net, readers informed me they wanted more action and bigger passions. In Ice Gladiators, I responded to the feedback. I do what I do for my readers. But it’s not just my stories I want to discuss with readers. I enjoy listening to them tell me about their lives, passions, and hobbies.

If I’m unable to meet readers in person, the next best thing is when they reach out to me on social media. Now, I don’t profess being the most computer savvy person. I used to be decent at it, but I declare, I believe all my electronic devises have declared mutiny in the last year. Emails disappearing and going to spam is a regular headache. Therefore, it may take several days before I discover emails or messages to reply, but I do reply once I find them.

Another fun aspect about being a writer is just learning to horn the craft. Writer workshops and conferences are great experiences. They allow me opportunities to meet my writing peers as well as gain skills to enhance my writing. Writing can be an isolated profession if one allows it to be. It’s refreshing to be able to share with others who are making a similar journey.

Being a writer also has what I call happy perks. If I’m having a horrendous day where everything is sourer than the inside of a pig’s belly, I can create a world to escape to on my computer. I can type out frustrations, rewrite real live situations to have positive outcomes, or add laughs to depressing situations. After all, what are books than small manmade fabrications that allow readers and writers to temporarily divert their attention to something more pleasant or to alleviate boredom.

For more of how I write, my stories, and my shenanigans, giveaways, and more, check out my blog, Creole Bayou, New posts are made on Wednesdays, and everything is raw and unscathed. Climb on in a pirogue and join me on the bayou. If you have any questions or suggestions about this post or any others, feel free to comment below or tweet me at @dolynesaidso. You also can follow me on Instagram at genevivechambleeauthor or search me on Goodreads or Amazon Authors.

And also, don’t forget to check out my new steamy, sports romance, Ice Gladiators, guaranteed to melt the ice. It’s the third book in my Locker Room Love series.

Missed the two books in my sports romance series? No frets. Out of the Penalty Box, where it’s one minute in the box or a lifetime, out is available at It also can be ordered on iTunes, Nook, or Kobo. Visit Defending the Net can be ordered at Crossing the line could cost the game.

Until next time, happy reading and much romance.


Dalek “Taz” Tazandlakova is the epitome of a hockey player—tall, broad, and powerful. As a forward for the Lafayette Ice Water Moccasins, he’s also the physical embodiment of domination and intimidation.

He’s everything Liam Jolivet isn’t.

Liam possesses an inner strength and confidence Taz has never mastered. On the surface, Liam appears to be a perfect match for Taz. The problem is, Liam is dating Taz’s roommate. It’s not the only problem, either. Taz is a “playa” and has commitment issues—along with a pain-in-the-ass coach who’s threatening to ruin his career, and a second roommate who wants to dictate his social life for his own personal gain.

Nevertheless, Taz wants Liam, and Liam appears to want to reciprocate. Do they dare cross the line?

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Genevive Chamblee is a southern darling and resides in the bayou country where sweet tea and SEC football reign supreme. She is known for being witty (or so she thinks), getting lost anywhere beyond her front yard (the back is pushing it as she’s very geographically challenged), falling in love with shelter animals (and she adopts them), asking off-the-beaten-path questions that makes one go “hmm,” and preparing homecooked Creole meals that are as spicy as her writing.

Genevive specializes in spinning steamy, romantic tales with humorous flair, diverse characters, and quirky views of love and human behavior. She also is not afraid to delve into darker romances as well.


Genevive has brought $10 Amazon gift card to give away to one lucky reader on her tour. Follow the Rafflecopter below to enter. 

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