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Length: Novella

A Plump of Woodcocks is extended scenes featuring the men of the Venery series by Suanne Laqueur. Laqueur offers a simple synopsis for this book that goes like this: “So this is another f**kton of gratuitous boning with the Venery boys.” While the book does contain many intimate scenes, that is not all this book is. Every single story is layered with deep emotions that make this series shine. Laqueur acknowledges Stef and Jav by saying that, “Writing them always feels like coming home,” and this is evident in every scene, as the care she gives to these men is astounding. The author uses the same words as everyone else, but she certainly dips them into something truly special. The title of this book follows along with the terms of venery seen throughout the series, and this title still makes me laugh. This book should be read as a companion to the Venery series and not as a standalone.

The first story opens with Jude and Tej and features an extended scene from the first night that they met met. Their book mentions this time, but here we get to see some of the firsts the men have experienced and it added another layer to their story.

The rest of the book then moves to Stef and Jav from their early days and then their story goes past what we have previously seen. It was all exactly what I wanted: more of Stef and Javier being in love. Both men have been through their own battles and they truly deserved these intimate moments. Some scenes were extras and don’t fit into the timeline of the story, but they are no less poignant. From Jav bringing Stef back from the brink after work to a world where only Jav can make it right, to them playing around in the bedroom and falling deeper in love, and if you have read this series, you know how special their love is. There is also a reimagined scene, a what if tale, involving Flip, that only further layered the emotions in this world.

I hope this is reaching someone that has read the Venery series, since this would be one book you absolutely need. I cannot recommend this series, and this book, enough and I’ll give it five stars, and then five more. It’s early in the year, but this book is already a highlight.

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